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New Pervasively Ledgered Encryption Based Secure Network OS (PLEBS NOS)
Proposal for a new OS based on the following requirements:   **Ledgering and journaling of IPC to enhance security. **All IPC and data transfer sequences encrypted, with decentralized signatures en masse. **No server caching, all communications via local and transglobal networking w...
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Prophetic: Trump WILL Be President After The 2016 USA General Elections
In late August 2015, whilst I was meandering through the morass of YouTube videos, I spotted a video about Donald J. Trump entering the GOP Presidential Nominee race. I did not know too much about The Donald (as he is affectionately called), being a UK resident. I was certainly not that interes...
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Prophetic: Christ Will Break The Spine Of Anti-Christian Terrorism In The Middle East
On 15/07/2016 the Spirit of Christ impressed upon my heart the fact that in the future, there will be a massive destruction of anti-Christian terrorist activity, specifically in the Middle East, which are the breeding grounds for modern day terrorism.   I had actually suffered a very...
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Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward
On Friday the 13th (ooooo!!) October 2017, I received a bountiful reward for having heeded to the Spirit of Christ to give. The Word of Knowledge came in April 2017, and at the time I did not know who I was to make the alms payment to. When the time came for the giving, I immediately knew who to pro...
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