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Minyan Jul 12 '18

What are your dreams and goals? What were your dreams and goals when you were maybe just 10 years old? Do you believe in those dreams? Have you given up on them?


I know I had a dream. I had a dream when I was just 10 years old to get to the Olympics. I was a gymnast at the time Jeison Murillo Jersey , and Nadia Comaneci was my hero, she was the darling of the 1976 Olympics.
And watching her there created within me a dream that I could do that. I became fixated on that dream of going to the Olympics. It didn’t quite go as planned or expected – I was a gymnast at the time, but it took me 25 years and a change in sport to realize my dream. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get there and back then I didn’t know what I know now about the power of the mind in creating our results. Back then I didn’t fully believe that I could do whatever I wanted to do.


I realize now how certain beliefs made things tougher for me. Having now learnt how the mind works in influencing our results, I’m really passionate about getting that message out to you and making sure that you can realize your dreams in half the time, if not in a quarter of the time. It doesn’t need to take 25 years to realize your dream. I wish I had had this information and so I want to share that with you.


And that is why I’ve created my course Ivan Perisic Jersey , Master Your Mind, Master Your Sport, an upcoming teleseminar course, The reason why you need to get this information is because you need to understand how your unconscious mind communicates with your conscious mind.




It’s not just about the words. If you’re involved in sport, you might have heard about the power of positive affirmation Ionut Radu Jersey , and affirming things yourself, “I am great,” or “I can do this” in the simplest sense. And for sure words can have an impact, but they play such a small impact because you might be creating these positive words and positive sentences, but what are the pictures that you are creating in your mind? Are these pictures positive pictures? Do you really believe in what you are saying?


Our unconscious mind communicates to our conscious mind with pictures Geoffrey Kondogbia Jersey , sounds, feelings and with self-talk. It is one thing affirming, “Yes, I can do this,” but when your self-talk perhaps is saying Gary Medel Jersey , “But I don’t know if I can,” or “Part of me is holding this back.” then it is self-defeating.


One of the most common questions that I get when I run teleseminars is how to deal with doubt and uncertainty? The thing about doubt and uncertainty is, where are you putting your focus? You are putting your focus on a future outcome and you are focusing on the negative consequences. With doubt you are creating pictures of things going wrong. “What if it doesn’t turn out?” “What if I make a mistake?” “What if things go wrong?”

And just picture now, when you ask these negative questions what pictures and feelings are you putting in your mind? These are the pictures and feelings in your mind that are sent from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind that then go on to create the results that you get.

All the pictures and sounds and feelings in your thoughts are like instructions given to your unconscious – they are saying “this is what I want, go out and create this!” When you’re constantly creating negative thoughts and feelings Gabriel Jersey , the opposite of what you really want, then your unconscious mind thinks well, this is what you want, so I’m going to produce this for you.



"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life Fredy Guarin Jersey , and only to the extent you are clear."

Janet Atwood (Author of “The Passion Test”)


The unconscious mind is so powerful in producing exactly what it is you’re communicating, and so when you understand this at the deepest level, then you can purposely go ahead and communicate more effectively to your unconscious mind.


The problem is many people often process communication in negatives, eg don’t do that. Have you ever told someone, “Don’t slip Ever Banega Jersey ,” and straight away, you’re creating a picture in that person’s mind of slipping, and that person is more likely to go ahead and slip. Consider or observe this when speaking to children, because the minds of children up to seven years of age are totally unconscious. The minds of children are like a sponge soaking in everything that they get. Children and the unconscious mind cannot process “not,” so when you’re telling them Eder Jersey , “Don’t do this…” it’s very, very difficult for them to do because how do you “don’t” do something? You want to give them positive instructions about what todo.


I suggest to you to think of your own conscious mind as a similar child, a child that wants to get clear instructions about what it needs to do, positive action words. Again, these instructions are created by the pictures Davide Santon Jersey , sounds and feelings in our conscious mind. You want to them all to be congruent, that is telling the same story. You could be creating pictures in your mind of what it is that you want to do, and you also want to feel the joy and satisfaction that goes with achieving that goal. Those results that Everybody procrastinates sometime.

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