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Pervasive Small Scale Hardware Encryption: Proposal - New Pervasively Ledgered Encryption Based Secure Network OS (PLEBS NOS)

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New Pervasively Ledgered Encryption Based Secure Network OS (PLEBS NOS)

New Pervasively Ledgered Encryption Based Secure Network OS (PLEBS NOS)

Proposal for a new OS based on the following requirements:


**Ledgering and journaling of IPC to enhance security.

**All IPC and data transfer sequences encrypted, with decentralized signatures en masse.

**No server caching, all communications via local and transglobal networking with caching at routers.

**Communications and processing with hardware encryption dependent.

**Completely Open Source to prevent ransom demands and back door formations.

**Independent decentralized committee to oversee development (no enterprise or bureaucratic agendas).


Check out the Sticky Forum Topics below for further information about PLEBS NOS, and please comment and criticize constructively.

David Underwood
David Underwood Mar 30 '16

If PLEBS NOS is to integrate encryption security at highly granular levels, all hardware that it interacts with should have fast encryption/decryption engines, which only encrypt and decrypt with discrete worldwide federated and private keys (peer to peer SSL?). This necessitates a plurality of small, fast encryption/decryption processors throughout the network chain.




Proposal: Integrate fast FPGA encrypt/decrypt engines in all manner of hardware like routers, network interface chips and on the CPU boards. FPGA can hash encryption algorithms an order of magnitude faster than ordinary general purpose CPUs. Build small scale all encompassing router/server components and saturate the network, thus making monolithic servers redundant. The network is the server!


Further Reading

- Crypto Processor Design and Trusted Platform Module

- Accelerated FPGA Based Encryption

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