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qizhen Jan 2

and precautions of laying gross floor price

temperature is about 1 DEG C and advance must be kept clean and dry surface, to prevent the wood floor heating speed, floor cracks, distortion occurred; 4, the winter heating period, the indoor air is dry, should pay attention to adjust the indoor humidity. If the living room or office floor needs to be wearable, elastic and damp proof, the floor keel can be paved.

Laying requirements and precautions of laying gross floor, house small share finished, we hope to understand the gross floor installation help.Waterproof floor is a floor decoration Home Furnishing commonly used, generally by the wear-resisting layer, wax layer, waterproof layer, waterproof layer, environmental balance layer, mute layer is composed of six parts,

safety and environmental protection, good waterproof performance, wide application. Here we have a detailed understanding of waterproof floor structure. 1, wear-resisting layer is on the surface of waterproof floor uniform suppression of a layer of three oxide two aluminum wear agent.

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