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(Chapter 3) Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work we go... - Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

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Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

On Friday the 13th (ooooo!!) October 2017, I received a bountiful reward for having heeded to the Spirit of Christ to give. The Word of Knowledge came in April 2017, and at the time I did not know who I was to make the alms payment to. When the time came for the giving, I immediately knew who to provide it to and how much to give. That was on the 12th of October 2017. Within 24 hours, my rewards came, not like for like, but in other matters. Well, here in these sticky forums, I will lay out in detail the situation, and the Biblical precepts that need to be followed in people's daily lives to see miracles on a regular basis.

David Underwood
David Underwood Oct 15 '17

Mining cryptocurrencies is a science and an art. The pure numbers don't guarantee success (in terms of profitability). Plus there is a window of opportunity which is quite short as all crypto coins have a finite volume. This ensures that the value of the the coins is maintained (to prevent banana money). So, my inability to achieve peak efficiency with the GPUs that I had severely hampered any profitability potential. 



From the picture above, the graph shows the 'hashing' rate of the 6 GPUs in the computer, with the arrow pointing to the actual average hashing rate given at 147 MH/s. This is extremely poor, and these are cards I spent many sleepless hours tuning (like an F1 car) to wring the maximum hashing power out of them! I would have to pay the exorbitant price of electricity for minimal coin production. LOSS!! Mind you the Malaysia purchased cards seemed to do the best, but I had only purchased 2. So why did Adonai tell me to get the computer going ASAP when these cards were loss making?


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