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(Chapter 2) The Bitcoin controversy....... - Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

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Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

Prophetic Giving Will Bring You A Bountiful Reward

On Friday the 13th (ooooo!!) October 2017, I received a bountiful reward for having heeded to the Spirit of Christ to give. The Word of Knowledge came in April 2017, and at the time I did not know who I was to make the alms payment to. When the time came for the giving, I immediately knew who to provide it to and how much to give. That was on the 12th of October 2017. Within 24 hours, my rewards came, not like for like, but in other matters. Well, here in these sticky forums, I will lay out in detail the situation, and the Biblical precepts that need to be followed in people's daily lives to see miracles on a regular basis.

David Underwood
David Underwood Oct 15 '17

Over the last 2 years I had been exposed to information about cryptocurrencies. In fact, In mid 2015, I had asked someone who had been in the banking industry about it, who said he had no confidence in cryptocurrencies yet. Being practical, I thought this was the best thing to do, watch and wait (maybe I was spiritually dense and could not heed the calling of God). Bitcoin was the first of many cryptocurrencies, and the ethos behind it fascinated me! This was a method to democratize the stranglehold the central banks had over the world's fiat currencies. A method to remove the choke hold the central banks had over the 'every man'. You can get an explanation of the feeble nature of the world's economic health in this video.

In May 2017, I had a strong urge from Adonai to get heavily into cryptocurrency mining. I had planned to get some graphic cards (the main processing equipment needed to 'mine' these virtual coins) from Malaysia where I had planned to go in August 2017. I thus did a lot of research into the components I needed and the efficiencies required to make a profit on the cryptocurrency I would 'mine'. Recommendations from various websites suggest VERY expensive cards, the best of which are not manufactured any more!

Great card for mining but extremely power hungry and VERY EXPENSIVE!!

This put me in a spot, as I didn't know which card to get in Malaysia. Plus there was a shortage of graphics processors worldwide since tons of people were getting onto the 'mining' bandwagon, seeing as Bitcoin had reached a peak value of USD 4,000 per coin (staggering since it started at 10 cents per coin just 5 years before!). Plus, the graphics manufacturers had stipulated a limit to the number of cards that each customer could buy (max 2 per purchase). Well, my elder brother recommended a site in Kuala Lumpur which housed various computer components outlets in a building. I went around all the dealers looking for a particular card which was supposedly one of the most efficient in 'mining' (maximum hashing power for minimum wattage). This card was out of stock plus the manufacturer had ceased production! OOOHHH! Anyway, one dealer had a stack full of another model of the GPU (graphics processing unit) which reminded me about me favourite soccer team, Manchester United, so I bought 2 of them. 

When I got back to the UK, I started purchasing all the bits and pieces required to build up the quite specialized computer, and started buying more graphics cards similar to what I had purchased in Malaysia. Guess what? They may be the same make and model but each had peculiarities which prevented me from getting the maximum hashing power from the actual wattage used to run the cards. This would severely limit the profitability of the cards to 'mine' cryptocurrencies.


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