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What to write down when taking notes in class?


Date & time May 16 '20
Creator Joshua Benton

Who's attending

Joshua Benton


What to write down when taking notes in class?

While taking down notes, most students find it very difficult to remain in line with what the professor is writing on the board. Before even the student finishes, the professors rub away the entire content from the board.


Losing track of the class progress in a lecture this way is indeed annoying. This is why students should know what to write down when taking notes, and what to avoid. Unfortunately, this is something that most students do not really realize. In fact, many students will try copy down each and everything that the professor writes on the board. In general, students should avoid writing down the things that which they can also find in the textbook. Instead, they should focus on writing special points and the unique examples that professors deal with in the classroom. Taking notes certainly does not mean that a student has to write essay on whatever the teacher says. Instead, students should pin point the most valuable information and should not it down in point format in order to make it more organized.


Most importantly, students should avoid writing down the general formulas and equations as they can easily be found through other resources such as the library, textbook, or the internet.

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