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New Jordans 2017 is embodied in the various elements of the basketball court, both physically and mentally.When someone gave him a "no tuning" evaluation, he was put on the villain label. In a key playoff race, he cast out four "three non-sticks" at the last moment, and he was again labeled as a villain. But it is precisely because these two experiences let him begin to reflect, began to enhance the awareness of the self. KOBE A.D. 'Knowing Self' As one of the keys to the spirit of Mamba, it is to accept your own imperfections, and this will also drive you to great power.  Bryant's obsession with basketball training is well known, but little is known that the fifth championship winner is also interested in the external factors that affect human behavior. Color psychology is one of them, Bryant particularly concerned about the color, attitude and emotional link between. The series contains five pairs of different colors of Kobe AD Mid, the design concept is from Kobe's "Mamba spirit", he was the way of color psychology to this spirit to be more detailed interpretation.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes spirit embodied in the basketball court on the various elements, both physical and psychological. Bryant's obsession with basketball training is well known, but little is known that the fifth championship winner is also interested in the external factors that affect human behavior. Color psychology is one of them, Bryant particularly concerned about the color, attitude and emotional link between. The new KOBE AD Mid into the Kobe's color experience, show how different colors have different effects on his personal, and as a basis for the introduction of five matching shoes, from different angles to show Bryant on the self-improvement of the relentless pursue. To maintain a pure Kobe style, each color has been scientifically designed, but are presented through a unique Manba perspective.
Kyrie 3 For Sale is full of tension, leather and fabric upper both texture and good breathability; in the end of the upper layer of EVA foam plus forefoot BOUNSE + rebound technology and the back palm Cushion cushioning technology, bringing excellent cushioning performance and comfort foot feeling; In the bottom of the lower layer equipped with Li Ningyun damping technology to enhance the shock absorption effect; in the foot fiber carbon plate and the outer TPU shield, so that a sufficient amount of carbon plate to support the front and back, for the soles to bring a stable support effect; Rubber outsole with W shading, the pursuit of new visual effects at the same time increase the soles wear resistance and friction; a variety of creative color and upper printing makes Wade Road both combat performance and tidal shoes elements. Still continued the Kobe Bryant series of low-used design language, a layer of cool gray fabric wrapped around the dynamic flying line system, for the feet to provide good comfort and package. In the end is the use of Lunarlon foam with the back palm Zoom Air design, supplemented by ultra-thin texture crystal outsole, providing a more close to the ground experience and excellent cushioning performance. Followed by Bryant warrior logo to show the way, very gorgeous dazzling

In front of New Jordans 2017 do not pay attention to shoes, respectively, black and brown-based tone, the MJ in the baseball field jersey number 45 embellishment followed by highlight the theme. While maintaining the classic shoes of the nine generations of boots at the same time, the use of high-quality leather production of the upper, and ingenuity of the baseball gloves in the cross-line elements presented on both sides of the shoe body. Finally with a unique leather rope lace ending, creating a full of luxurious texture! Earlier exposure of the Air Jordan 9 "baseball gloves" shoes have now exposed the physical picture. The picture of the black and brown two Air Jordan 9 is very special, you can see, both are using a senior lychee leather cover shoes body, in many places into the preparation of leather rope, combined with leather straps to imitate baseball gloves. AIR JORDAN 9 can be regarded as Jordan is relatively popular in a pair of shoes, shoe body overall design simple, hidden in the soles of the mystery, and let the world more people to pay attention to basketball this sport.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes also with the arrival of the fall was put on the sale of the schedule, the shoes with carbon black through the shoe body, the use of multi-material changes highlight the sense of layering shoes, and finally with white details to be embellished, The overall low-key calm also without losing domineering. From the foot of the picture, this Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" itself has a high ornamental fashion, presumably also many fans of the favorite object. As this year's Air Jordan Retro in the main event, from the previous exposure began to get a very high degree of concern. The re-engraved Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Banned" fully comply with the classic design of the first year, men with a more quality lychee skin, and female models are presented with a classic smooth leather surface. BA championship three consecutive championships and the Barcelona Olympic champion, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) has become a world-class star, he not only to the NBA to the world, but also the globalization of basketball.
At this Kyrie 3 For Sale, the first declaration of retirement. AIR JORDAN 9 is Jordan's first pair of rebounds after retirement, but also stands in the Chicago United Center Arena main entrance Michael Jordan bronze wear shoes.Today, the news came this week, the protagonist of the black Friday will be Air Jordan 9 OG! And as a member of the Remastered series, this time Jordan Brand will bring Nike Air logo insoles! But Air Jordan 9's attention has been low, even if the details of the first year of the welcome, and perhaps also escape the original price of bad luck. To baseball elements as the theme to create two Air Jordan 9 "Baseball Glove" shoes. The biggest difference with the conventional Air Jordan 9 is that the overall trend of the more prominent, the use of high-quality leather, plus the shoe side of the "X" cable details and the details of 45 followed by baseball are closely related. Which is No. 45 Michael Jordan himself on the baseball field number.

New Jordans 2017 technology for the first time in the use of NIKE running shoes on the use of technology on the basketball shoes, so that the light has always been the main play NIKE ZOOM KOBE series has become more light, but also to a basketball shoes to a New height. Its lightweight, flexible and so on makes the shoes and feet more perfect combination, making Nike Kobe 9 Elite and KOBE as the legendary track. Nike Kobe 9 Elite design inspiration with the previous generations of NIKE ZOOM KOBE series, joined the signature, password, carbon board these elements, in the expression of its owner status, but also shows their own different. Heel nine red on behalf of Bryant is to accept the Achilles tendon repair surgery after the scars, a symbol of Bryant tough track character.
In addition, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes also used NIKE latest Flyknit technology, in the Nike Kobe 9 Elite more light at the same time, also become more supportive and durability. Both sides of the shoe body and often bending the area is used more closely connected.Bryant in the last year because of ankle injury and season reimbursement, and even affected the season, so it was speculated that NIKE ZOOM KOBE series to give up the use of the five generations of low help, and in this generation is used to protect the Kobe Bryant's Achilles tendon, Ankle and other vulnerable areas. But Nike Kobe 9 Elite designer "Eric Avar" does not agree. But also we should change the original view for the high help, and high help is not the best way to protect the ankle, but the most direct and effective way, Nike Kobe 9 Elite with ultra-high design and Flyknit technology makes Nike Kobe 9 Elite more light , Flexible, more wrapped, protective, and perhaps high in the future to represent the clumsy but flexible, a new legend may be open on this.
The Kyrie 3 For Sale design comprehensive consideration of the Bryant's demand for shoes and its personal design inspiration, embodied ENGINEERED MESH (engineering mesh) upper, flying line (FLYWIRE) and LUNARLON foam three top Technology, for your feet to create an unparalleled extreme light feelings. In recent years has gradually become the traditional WHAT THE KOBE series of this time in light tone debut, white upper with a pair of KOBE 9 shoes on the characteristics and details, due to the special nature of Flyknit fabric makes this generation of WHAT THE KOBE than the previous style More pleasing to the eye, a variety of details of the integration of more natural. Matching on the color of course, to highlight the festive atmosphere, red mixed white Flyknit fabric composition of the shoe body, green heel embroidery is quite eye-catching, equipped with camouflage striped soles,

The New Jordans 2017 to black and blue color scheme, but there is no picture of any exposure, but in accordance with this year launched the Air Jordan 6 color version, you can expect this North Carolina color of the Air Jordan 6 will be equipped with black suede, and then with the North Carolina blue as the details of the modification, and then equipped with crystal outsole. Air Jordan (Air Jordan) is Nike's history to the most famous NBA star Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) named after the series. In 1985, Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) to high-paying contract was then a small manufacturer of sporting goods manufacturers Nike (Nike) signed to its Nike (Nike) is more for Jordan launched the first Jordan named shoes, That is, the Air Jordan (Air Jordan) series of the first paragraph. Although this shoe at the time with a strange color and novelty of science and technology, but no one thought, this will actually be a myth of the beginning. AIR JORDAN Outsole uses solid traction and excellent flexibility.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. Jordan Brand's Luedecke explains: "It's zigzag works actually match the footprints.We are looking for a footprint to find out the wear of shoes at the beginning of the place, the right amount of traction mode." Jordan brand developed proprietary weaving technology and standard carbon fiber and will not be any different, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigidity while also allowing the feet to bend naturally.Will be inspired by the French flag of the red, blue and two colors to asymmetric way to show the eye. As the first champion of the trapeze boots, Air Jordan 6 with smooth lines, exquisite details, has always been a good popularity! In front of this new color Air Jordan 6 "Black / Blue" to a black suede covered body, blue embellishment details, to create a decent texture performance.
Kyrie 3 For Sale this year for the Air Jordan 6 launched a lot of wonderful engraved color, and earlier came back will bring back the "UNC" do not note the color of the message. The shoes for the 2002 Air Jordan 6 Low "University Blue" "Alternate" version, the body with black suede leather composition, joined the North Carolina blue details embellishment, and equipped with ice blue crystal outsole end. Priced $ 190, it is learned, Air Jordan 6 Retro "UNC" engraved color will be officially on sale on December 23. You can see the middle of the opening of the yin and yang color block design brings the first visual impact, the outside side of the lychee use this year's theme red and blue rendering, the inside of the suede is used to extend the lining and shoes Tongue black. Tongue Quai54 Logo and heel details are dotted with red and blue elements.

New Jordans 2017 behind the story and design, really worthy of whether the toe, pickle honey or real combat party to understand some. As a series of beginning, as a two-year period of birth, PG1 is more exciting than you and I imagined. Nike PG 1 designer is working with Paul George has been working for a long time Tony Hardman (Tony Hardman), this cooperation is a long time ago, as early as this pair of PG1 before, George is mainly wearing shoes designed from Hadman's hand. So, the Crusader and PG1 together to see, it is not difficult to find one of the similarities: one of the boots, part of the upper material, tongue, and even in the end of the Zoom Air (but Zoom Crusader equipped with front and rear palm Zoom , While PG1 is the front palm Zoom). So, it is necessary to trace the first inspiration of PG1, Zoom Crusader is a very important part.
This pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes is George's favorite casual shoes, as a pair of NikeSB series of shoes, the upper material and most of the basketball shoes are not the same, its velvet suede-based. And we also see from the PG1 on the use of this material, mainly the outer part of the shoe, PG1 is different from the inside of the mesh upper material, PG1 added a sense of leisure street.It is worth mentioning that this pair of PG1 Ferocity in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, but also to deal with more different conditions of the stadium, using the XDR outsole, absolutely enhanced outsole wear. In addition, the individual color of the front palm show in fact compared to the outsole, there are slightly more prominent, the benefits of feedback is more rapid, bad ... ... if you play, or choose the appropriate site is better.
PG1 heels on the Kyrie 3 For Sale to adopt the purple, is to pay tribute to George's mother Paulette - George mother had unfortunate stroke, but now has been fully recovered. Mother's strength has always inspired George, especially in the years of his injury and rehabilitation. This pair of PG1 is worth waiting for. This time designer Tony Hardman with Paul George peace character and the characteristics of the game, this pair of shoes design is relatively simple, take a low design, and relatively light, more emphasis on functionality.Front palm strap with Flywire fly line ring system, to provide adaptive support at the same time, but also to ensure the package. The front palm is also equipped with Zoom Air air cushion unit, equipped with plush insole, to bring the response of the cushioning, but also to reduce the Paul George movement process, the loss of the foot. Of course, this design is to take the moment the hottest integration of the upper design, but the soles are a great mystery, from the scales (Paul George like fishing) in the structure of inspiration, the use of multi-directional blade soles, Sharp grip performance, which also with Paul George excellent physical fitness, so that his first step more lethal.

After the peak of the word both belong to the New Jordans 2017 also belong to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' 1996-97 season. Air Jordan 11 turned out to become the Air Jordan series of basketball shoes important watershed, in the Air Jordan 11 under the high Air Jordan 12 basketball shoes will be what kind of design for everyone to a new surprise. Also for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, the 1995-1996 season they hit the regular season 72 wins and 10 losses of the amazing results, this record to maintain a full 20 years after the Golden State Warriors were broken this year. More critical is Chicago victory over the Western Rookie Champion Seattle Super Sonics opened its second three consecutive championship road. AIR JORDAN series of shoes in the sales and market demand far ahead of other products, the annual sports shoes industry to establish a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking.
Jordan Brand success with 2017 Air Jordan Shoes series of shoes continue to tell you about Michael Jordan's NBA legend tour, it is precisely because these shoes and Jordan are inseparable, so that they are not just a pair of shoes, and relative to other boots to give more The soul and meaning. If there must be a conclusion, I think a lot of fans will vote for the Air Jordan 12! Yes, it is not gorgeous appearance, no colorful color, and then it is the first equipped with Zoom Air Air cushion Air Jordan shoes. This pair of boots born in 1996 with a very mediocre shape and unparalleled combat performance has become a favorite of the fans, now may wish to follow us to review some of the ancient release of the Air Jordan 12 classic color bar.
The core of the Kyrie 3 For Sale is the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling star in the history of basketball Michael Jordan, and accompanied by superstar experienced brilliant career basketball shoes, highlighting his ability to function, innovation and achievements of the relentless pursuit.For the appearance of many people may be very strange at first glance, and even that "how shoes so ug ugly?" Do not understand why a good pair of basketball shoes to be designed to look like this, and even some people spread 12 design inspiration I think these are nonsense in Japan. But why should Air Jordan 12 be designed like this? Because at that time the Tinker at the same time in the design of women's fashion shoes, so the inspiration burst put the women's fashion wind into the Air Jordan 12 design, so we will find this pair of shoes heel has a certain height, Shoes on the radial car line is only to be able to enhance the overall rigidity of shoes.

New Jordans 2017, Carefully Adopted Cattle Leather and Ngau Tau Leather with High Quality Artificial Leather and Fabric, Heel Air-Sole Air Cushion for you to create soft and light cushioning effect. The upper has a conspicuous "wings basketball" logo, in the use of trapeze signs, the first generation and second generation of Jordan shoes are used to insert the wing as a sign of basketball. For the shoes, the black and white these two basic colors is really applauded and sold, many brands spare no effort to make a big out is to let consumers sell out. Recently, Jordan Brand for one of its signs Air Jordan 1 Mid once again brought the black and white pairs of new color matching shoes, the classic tube in the outline of the use of excellent cortex composition, iconic Jumpman silhouette and wings Logo , As Michael Jordan's first generation of shoes, so many years of high popularity can only let you obediently dig pocket pocket wallet.
For the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the black and white these two basic colors is really applauded and sold, many brands spare no effort to make a big out is to let consumers sell out. Recently, Jordan Brand for one of its signs Air Jordan 1 Mid once again brought the black and white pairs of new color matching shoes, the classic tube in the outline of the use of excellent cortex composition, iconic Jumpman silhouette and wings Logo , Fans have been favored by the Air Jordan 1 Mid, this time has added a Black / Dark Gray color. The main body of the shoe body is made of black, and the selection of superior leather is made. The signature wing and the Jumpman Logo are also presented in black, and finally through the gray and black cotton lining and soles rich visual level, can be described as luxury and dark Temperament full load.
Years ago Kyrie 3 For Sale is the occasion of the autumn and winter to try to style shoes for the transformation of the design, following the previous Air Jordan Spitz'ike Winterized, this year to Air Jordan Six Rings for the new release Air Jordan Six Rings Winterized outdoor boots. Shoes to keep the Air Jordan Six Rings design, with high texture of the suede and leather with excellent toughness of the nylon mesh composition of the upper, and the lace buckle also changed to the necessary iron buckle details. Outsole for outdoor boots necessary boots with the end of the design, more to add the whole pair of shoes high quality. In addition to all black style, the other pair of black card its red color is also open for the first time.AJ series has become the eternal legend on the basketball court, and now AIR JORDAN 1 MID carrying traditional glory, the first year of charm and innovative elements of the perfect combination of exquisite, simple design combined with ingenuity unique details to create enough to match the JORDAN brand and trapeze Spiritual comfort, fit and breathability.

Full New Jordans 2017 body with high-grade blue suede, reflecting the unique retro trend. Inspired by the classic Jordan Brand warm-up service, the tongue of the 3M reflective design, the classic AJ Jumpman Logo and shoe side of the serrated lines are very eye-catching, soles with translucent blue outsole, and the shoes of the blue suede echo. Jordan as a motorcycle enthusiasts, but also has its own race team. Previously to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Jordan team, in the Air Jordan 4 shoes on the team's white and black color for inspiration, to create a very rare number of surviving Air Jordan 4 "Motorsports", the big dunk re-engraved, heat Continued warming, the various channels of goods contributed. The The Also pit bitter a lot of shoes.
This pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes is based on the P51 fighter flight jacket for the design inspiration to the whole leather shoes body, dark olive green leather uppers, with Tan color leather tongue, also with Jumpman Logo. Removed the iconic upper plastic mesh, changed to leather to build, outsole is still blue crystal lining, showing a noble position. The usher in the new color of the Air Jordan 5 Premium Heiress "Metallic Field"! Shoes as a whole with dark gold frosted upper cover, dark gold vaguely revealed camouflage pattern, golden suture through the shoe body, in the end of the iconic shark tooth pattern is also made of dark gold tone, with white in the end and black crystal At the end, both low-key and luxurious!OG color 11 is always a great attraction, read the pictures before the spy photos, it is heart itch, follow-up after the release of the shoe accessories and other spy photos, not nonsense, and must buy it!
Kyrie 3 For Sale is a kind of texture material that can bring people warm, but Jordan Brand in the autumn and winter this year and its line will not appear in the autumn and winter use of the cool colors of the Royal Blue with suede used in this pair Will be on sale Air Jordan 5 Retro "Blue Suede", although the texture is still preserved, but the whole pair of shoes are revealed an unprecedented cold temperament, coupled with Jordan 5 signs of 3M reflective tongue, ice blue outsole,Classic elements have to be retained, low to help the design to bring quite different visual experience. This article with the 2011 version of the Air Jordan 5 Low Derek Anderson PE, and Air Jordan 5 Low more debut of the color is the exclusive PE shoes, this time into the market, or quite worth the wait!

The New Jordans 2017 with TPU combined with a lightweight mesh to create a high-heeled combat shoes body. Such as diamond-like wings-like texture supplemented by Golden Jumpman Logo embellishment, bringing a very recognizable look and feel. Diamond shape in the end of the continuation of FlightSpeed + forefinger Zoom Air structure, the actual combat naturally no need to worry about. In the black gold and red two color after exposure, Jordan Brand's NBA star Cameron Anthony's latest generation of boots, Melo 13 again released the unique color of the navy blue. In front of this pair of Jordan Melo 13 with deep navy blue cover of the upper, supplemented by silver Jumpman Logo embellishment, geometric cutting shape of the upper with a light blue crystal outsole, showing a mysterious deep overall atmosphere, and once ZK7 " Invisible man "both view is quite similar.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is the signature of Anton's boots, with high quality lightweight, stability and support, as a new excellent combat effectiveness of excellent basketball shoes. Because the material selection and the overall design, have done a personalized design, functional positioning is also very accurate, so the overall point of view, simple monochrome-based, plus small texture color brand logo, that is, atmospheric fashion, and Fully embodies the practicality. to meet the needs of the movement, so that the starting more stable, there is jumping explosive, as a classic basketball boots classic, can be considered a new listing of eye-catching for. For fans who love basketball, combat equipment and the trust of Anthony, fancy jordan melo m13 reason has been sufficient, if from the practice of security and support, this shoe material and light optimization , In enhancing its good combat performance, but also played a very good role.
Like the previous generation, this Kyrie 3 For Sale is still using FlightSpeed with the front palm Zoom Air combination of configuration options, whether it is stable or cushioning performance has excellent performance.Basketball equipment, supporting, not only to chasing the stars, but to consider the functional movement, which is the majority of consumers like the reason, starting the explosive force and the bottom of the foot support and stability, simple but not publicity The monochrome-based, really have a very atmospheric feeling and taste. Excellent combat performance, so that the advantages of jordan melo m13 x is also particularly evident, after the brand independent innovation design, this new basketball shoes, in ensuring the performance of the case, but also greatly enhance the safety of the movement. And the previous release of Jordan Melo M13 "All Red" on the contrary, the use of full blue shoe body interpretation, the upper and the end of the TPU materials such as wings in general, streamlined design brings a unique visual effects.

New Jordans 2017, when no one would think that Michael Jordan will come back in the future, NIKE is no exception, but for the designer Tinker Hatfield has another idea. Tinker Hatfield insisted on continuing to launch AIR JORDAN series, and AIR JORDAN X is a pair of Michael Jordan without the consent and testing of the launch of the market shoes. Shoe body with simple design, the characteristics of the whole pair of shoes is the tongue and soles of the zebra lines. Tongue position used in the 90's common rubber band, the designer hopes to bring Jordan in the field when the need to tighten the shoelaces can also cover their feet. Another feature is the soles, Hatfield as AIR JORDAN X for Michael Jordan respect and respect, specifically to join Michael Jordan in the NBA ten years of contribution and record, just ten; and AIR JORDAN to the tenth generation, just like Memorial Michael Jordan's NBA career.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is relatively simple, not the focus of its appearance, but the details of the soles of the position. To tie in with this elegant and simple appearance, the designer selected fine artificial leather, tongue is used on the zebra pattern design plus rubber band. Appearance is really elegant, but after the actual combat, the author has the following views: 1. shoe body artificial leather is hard, initially wearing, buckling often "foot" situation, but fortunately the inner boots material for nylon and cotton, Make the situation less serious. Change to wear thick socks to help. 2. The foot of the foot design with the other AIR JORDAN series of the same shoe too narrow, at first several times wearing feel the toe has a little "folder foot", not suitable for the feet of the user. 3. Shoe rear low, help to enhance the heel and ankle flexibility.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, enough to protect the heel position, while the shoe collar with deliberately lowered to increase the flexibility of the ankle also reduce weight. Heel position is not like the current wave shoes, coupled with a stable bracket, and its protection and stability reduction. Inside the boots of the material mostly nylon and cotton, tied tight lace after its cover is very high. In actual combat, all feel the shoes close to the ankle and heel, shoe collar heel low, to enhance the flexibility, support is quite impressive. But the end of the lack of support and foot protection, so that its stability greatly reduced. Note that the AIR JORDAN X heel position has a red JUMPMAN LOGO, two LOGO with the right to the right, while the original is used black color, LOGO direction is the left.AIR JORDAN X in the end of the original design 17 years ago, 3/4 full palm AIR Sole Unit with PHYLON material, and in the end of the design is relatively thin, put on the post feeling very paste.

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