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In the second NBA Finals match today, the New Jordans 2017 scored the first triple-double of the Finals career and still plays Curry 4 today. Under Armor Curry 4 shoe body with pure white-based colors, the bottom of the use of gold splashed rendering, UA Logo and SC Logo are also decorated with gold, and finally end with a light blue crystal finish. The new cut design, and integration of the new cortical materials and sock knit design! According to rumors this Under Armor Curry 4 uses a new technology, UA Curry 4 was officially on sale in October 2017, compared to the previous generation to achieve a greater breakthrough in appearance, using the hottest sock shape design, more in line with The trend at the same time upgrade the upper also bring more proper protection for the ankle, fabric material and fine synthetic fiber material spliced ​​vamp greatly reduces the shoe body weight, making it lighter than the previous generation a full about 70 grams ,While not losing the necessary protection; and without any technical midfielder has seemed less than sincere, foot feeling is also a little stiff, but the cushioning of the feedback is good, very suitable for speed-type player speed start.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is already curling up with the Curry 4 during the 2016-2017 season's finals and will help lead the Warriors to win the championship. In addition, the exclusive More Magic color of the China line wins the national prize with the dazzling colored ripple upper Wide acclaim fans. The Slamonline today released the Under Armor Curry 4 "Black" details of the picture, this pair of road color .Under Armor Curry 4 and home platinum color contrast, the shoe body with a low key black color, the bottom still use white rendering, SC Logo also embellished with gold, UA Logo is a black pattern design, the end of the light blue crystal finish. In today's era of cushioning technology to "soft" fight, UA has maintained its own "hardness."The new cutting design, and the integration of new cortical materials and knitted socks design, it seems to give a feeling of soft and light!
Kyrie 3 For Sale familiar with the series know that they are by no means the kind of "foot on the" sense of foot, but neat sense of the venue and a solid cushioning. Compared with previous generations, Curry 4 has done more targeted cushioning. First of all, before and after the palm of the gap is relatively large, forefoot affixed to a sense of fullness, neat to facilitate rapid start and change, and then the palm is relatively much thicker. There is a feeling of relief soft cushioning. This sense of foot, not like the couch in the middle of the distribution of science and technology so average, but more targeted, for the light speed-type players, more effective. Curry Curry 4 is, although not soft, but enough. Comfort, Curry 4 to Xiaobian feel the deepest experience. First of all, this is the first time I've seen 43 yards of shoes that I have been able to handle for the first time since I've been through these generations of Kulian boots. Description Curry 4 boots larger space, and more forgiving foot. Although the soaring shoe ankle is difficult to penetrate, but once worn into, are the perfect fit. In addition, the Curry 4 shoe ankle has a circular fit with the design of the ankle.
Over the years, various brands of Jordan Sneakers 2017 have had this design can often be difficult to really fit the ankle. Curry 4 is impartially attached to my ankle, as if an ankle is as close as possible. So in terms of comfort, Curry 4 definitely can afford a high score of 9.5. Curry 4 "first leg" feeling is fit, and then it is light, 329g weight, almost can be included in the ranks of featherweight war boots. And even more surprising is its stability, the midsole design is broad and stable, coupled with stable support, I believe that everyone will like this feeling. The downside is that cushioning may not be as soft as the mainstream style today. Lightweight body, for the weight of the players, it is not suitable. However, for speed guards, and sensitive players, Curry 4 is definitely a good choice. In the first "Moe God" pro-exposure, it has recently brought a group of Under Armor Curry 4 photos of detail, the body of the shoe to pure white-based colors, the bottom of the use of gold ink rendering, UA Logo and SC Logo is also decorated with gold, and finally end with a light blue crystal finish.

One of the upcoming drops is the New Jordans 2017. Patent leather returns to the Jordan 1 with the release of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Black Patent." Taking a break from the OG Jordan 1 colorways that align with the release of the Air Jordan XXX1, the sneaker features a mix of black and anthracite on the full patent upper sitting on a white and black sole. Just a few short days away is this clean black and white rendition of the classic kicks. The insoles appear to be co-branded with Nike Air and the official Gatorade logo, while the latter's signature lightning bolt symbol appears on the heel of the shoes.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes was first previewed by Nigel Sylvester and the As part of the ridiculous "Gatorade" Air Jordan 1 collection is the latest "flavor" to surface – "Orange Peel". good news is they are expected to launch during the Holiday season. Having a similar color blocking to the Black Toe Air Jordan 1, this pair comes dressed in a White, Rust Pink and Black color combination. Constructed with leather, Rust Pink wraps the heel while Black is applied around the toe, Nike Swoosh and collar.The AJ15-inspired Jordan Flight Luxe Men's Shoe is a slip-on style that moves like a low-top but delivers the stable feel of a mid-top, providing supreme comfort for every part of your day. These are the best yet from the two we've seen, and that's no surprise, as Orange is the better flavor, too.
The Kyrie 3 For Sale will be much like the originals while featuring a Black and Varsity Royal color scheme while receiving the remastered treatment. The shoes will retain the Nike Air branding that lands on the tongue, insole and sole while the Wings lands by the collar. Black is then placed on the panels, around the collar, tongue and laces. The overlays will pop due to the use of Varsity Royal which also hits the Swoosh, toe and outsole. Finishing the look while adding contrast is a White midsole.the Jordan Flight Luxe. In a nostalgic nod to the past, the traditional Nike Air branding finds its way onto the tongue tag, while the signature Wings logo lands on the rear.
Jordan Sneakers 2017 is celebrated with a court classic set in premium leather and featuring a sleek black finish. Additional nods to OVO can be seen on the sockliner and through the semitransparent outsole below.Said to stem from the Air Jordan 15 model, the all-red upper comes constructed out of a ribbed mesh with premium leather detailing on the ankle-collar, tongue and heel.The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Premium "Vachetta Tan" Pack being no exception. Offered in black and "Ice Blue" colorway options, the uppers feature a premium suede construction, which teams nicely alongside the crisp white sole unit and hits of Vachetta Tan found on the tongue and heel areas.The first-ever Air Jordan shoe is set to release in four distinct tonal colorways represented the earlier cherished flavors of the drink, and this first look at the "Blue Lagoon" pair reveals some key details.

For the New Jordans 2017, released in the previous year, 11 generations of Jordan boots is an extremely successful, or bluntly, is the most brilliant generation of Jordan signature shoes, not only Jordan himself said in all occasions 11 generations of Your favorite one, and in Sneakerhead has begun with the 11th generation wedding and banquet dress, the scope of its impact is evident. After such a masterpiece, perhaps all of them have no strength to look forward to the upcoming 12 generations will once again go beyond this height. Air Jordan 11 turned out to be Air Jordan series basketball shoes an important watershed in the Air Jordan 11 highlights of the Air Jordan 12 basketball shoes will be what kind of design for everyone a new surprise. Also for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, they set a stunning record of 72-10 in the 1995-1996 season, a record that has been broken by the Golden State Warriors 20 years later, a full 20 years later.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, Chicago beat the West End rookie champion Seattle Sonics to open their second three-run road.Under the perfect season's highlights, the entire Chicago Bulls are in the spotlight and getting one more champion is already their passing line. Air Jordan 12 launched in November 1996, Tinker Hatfield draw inspiration from the women's high heels, unique asymmetrical color uppers extended to the heel area, similar to the lizard leather settings not only make the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, but also Provides a more tough protection, the overall visual identity, the first time in the end equipped with a better performance full Zoom Zoom Air cushion, with the central carbon fiber torsion, lightweight cushion raised to a new level.
On the 20th Anniversary of Kyrie 3 For Sale, Jordan Brand, the gold-buying group, also brought numerous 12-generation sales to the majority of Sneaker (primarily for money). This year, The Master was sold out on the official website this week, Air Jordan 12 to prove the appeal, and this year's 12 engraved a major feature is to bring back OG shoebox and card, but more regrettable that the shoe box Logo and not completely based on the first year of the Nike Logo, But printed Jumpman Logo. AIR JORDAN series of shoes in sales and market demand far ahead of other products, each year for the entire sports shoes industry to establish one after another higher standards of design, innovation and functionality. At the core of the lineup is the perfect combination of athlete and technology - the most dazzling superstar Michael Jordan in basketball history and the basketball shoe that accompanied the superstar's brilliant career, underscoring his relentless pursuit of functionality, innovation and achievement.
From 1996 to 1997, Jordan Sneakers 2017 won the ninth scoring title and reached the finals again. Jordan wearing the most classic picture of Air Jordan 12 than the June 12, 1997 Bulls fifth game against Jazz, the trapeze insisted on playing, one scored 38 points to lead the Bulls on the road to 90-88 win, Including the one-count three-pointers during the countdown time, the game ended, the almost collapse of Jordan fell in the arms of his teammates Pippen touching so far.AJ12 is the first trapeze signature shoes to enter the Chinese market, for many domestic fans, sneakerhead who are impressed. This classic AJ shoes, in the fall of 2017 once again usher in a low-key autumn and winter color engraved. The AJ12 features a low-profile but rather textured look with a flip-fur structure and gray-tone uppers, one of the most iconic elements of the AJ12. Configuration, full-size Zoom with a large area of carbon plate, has brought excellent performance.

From 2009 onwards, we are accustomed to meet the arrival of the New Jordans 2017 at the end of each year, Air Jordan 11 in 2015 is also on schedule, this time Air Jordan 11 is not engraved classic first year color, but launched a New paragraph color, this color is the official name is 72-10. The shoes not only record Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls stand in the Grand Prix of the Finals in the 1995-96 season, also witnessed the Chicago Bulls regular season 72 wins and 10 this epic record. Although it is a new color shoes. However, the design of this pair of Air Jordan 11 is still based on the Chicago Bulls. In 1996, with the addition of Rodman, the Bulls set up the Iron Triangle again this season, Jordan wearing AJ 11 led the team to a record of 72 wins and 10 losses in the history of the best record. The AJ11 this pair of boots is even Jordan himself as their favorite generation, fans / shoes fans in the first position.
so XI quickly became the most popular 2017 Air Jordan Shoes series of shoes. Another bold innovation is that for the first time, AJXI uses patent leather as a material in sports shoes, carbon fiber elastic support plates known as "secret weapons" and polymer-coated uppers that prevent stretching or deformation, With Michael Jordan won the season 72 games and the fourth NBA title. Almost all friends like shoes culture for the Air Jordan will have a unique feeling, even if not loved it will not dislike it, which is the charm of God, Air Jordan is now able to stand at the pinnacle of Sneaker today.  Of course, the designer of this legendary sneaker is still the great Tinker Hatfield.peaking, the birth of Air Jordan 11 for basketball shoes is revolutionary.
At first, when designing Kyrie 3 For Sale, Tinker was not sure whether Joe would return to the arena wearing this pair of shoes. Because after the first triple crown, Jordan left the NBA, and Jordan himself did not wear Air Jordan 9 campaign NBA. At the same time, Jordan himself does not like Air Jordan 10's design. S11 generations also symbolizes basketball shoes in the future will be "lightweight" trend to develop.This section of the shoes called classic classics, Michael believes that should bring the stadium a "regular image", this insight is the inspiration for this section shoes. He was wearing this paragraph XI shoes during the 1995-1996 season after the full comeback,the pair of Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue Since the sale has been sought after by shoe fans. And the huge commercial value behind it, but also to many fake shoes for the living of unscrupulous traders saw "business opportunities."Like Air Jordan's friends on the Air Jordan 11 will have some feel unable to stop, so a perfect pair of shoes should be representative of the culture of shoes, right bar, as one of the most talkative 2013 shoes,

The vivid red through the New Jordans 2017 through the nylon and increase the area of ​​the patent leather cover made with black JUMPMEN and white midsole for contrast, then equipped with ice blue crystal outsole perfect ending, it really is full of eyes ah. Joe 1993, the first year of sale in 1993, is also the year of the third championship, the eighth generation is also the first retired after the first pair of championship boots. Boots + upper binding belt is the most distinctive Air Jordan 8 features. Because it was the first time to help the main retiring, we all think that after 93 years of helping the old father was kidnapped, Jordan will be retired will never return to the stadium, so all went to buy 93OG, Joe 8 also won Jordan Another record high sales history.Due to the color of the style close, the shoes were initially mistaken for the street with the Los Angeles brand UNDEFEATED joint new work, and in fact its design inspired by the classic MA-1 flight jacket, the unique silhouette of the military green with the main tone .
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, independent straps, before and after separation of the Air Sole (high to help low to help configure the same), boots Huarache technology, shoes and shoes at the bottom of Baroque style art graffiti, towel tongue is also unique to the Air Jordan 8 Elements, upper memory foam sponge and a small piece of oval sponge to ensure the safety of the ankle, the bottom of reference inspired by jogging shoes design, adopted a hollowed out design, reducing the overall weight. Almost the same as the Air Jordan 11 Jordan Brand has always been one of the highlight of the year-end, in addition to the previously exposed "Midnight Navy", "Gym Red" color also get more information exposure. Red and white color of the shoe body, with a translucent outsole design, definitely regarded as high recognition for.
Compared to the Kyrie 3 For Sale, Air Jordan 8 "Alternate" much more details. The same white shoe body, covered with perforated leather, in addition to the red details, but also with a black midsole, lining and tongue, tongue inside the drawing is even more brilliant. More is the unique details of the Air Jordan 8 Department has a rich design, making it clear in the simple white background highlighting more distinctive features and levels, very beautiful. Followed by the pull ring out of the number "1993", Air Jordan 8 means the year of birth. In addition to the University of Kentucky blue and white theme of the "Calipari Pack", Drake latest exposure of the two OVO x Air Jordan 8 sale information also spread to the network. These two colors are still the continuation of the white and black 11shoe body design, but supplemented by details of gold and red embellished leather upper, including the tongue Jumpman Logo, heel shoes, and midsole signs of the graffiti elements, etc., Jordan Brand official release The new Air Jordan 8 official picture. While the orange tones common in jackets are also embellished with tongue, insole and outsole.

New Jordans 2017 in the recent color matching update popular shoes Nike Air Jordan 11 back to public view. The new "Gym Red" color is also a lot of attention exposure sale information. Is still the iconic Nike Air Jordan 11 shoe features, all through the red, fine leather to protect the overall exquisite temperament. In detail, Jump logo embellishment in the heel, while the shoelaces highlighted in black. Performance, white blessing semitransparent enhance the overall sense of the trend. Taking into account the strong overall appeal of Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 11 "Gym Red" with all-red upper, the material and most of the Air Jordan 11, mesh with leather, in addition to eye-catching all-red In addition, also equipped with a white midsole and translucent outsole. Air Jordan 11 "Gym Red" with all-red upper, the material with most of the Air Jordan 11, mesh with leather, in addition to very eye-catching all red, but also with a white midsole and translucency Outsole.
As 2017 Air Jordan Shoes finale at the end of this year, "big devil", this heavy "Gym Red" color of the Air Jordan 11 finalize the date of the latest release, through the bright red through the body of the shoe through the nylon and increased area of ​​the patent leather cover made, Air Jordan 11 presents the classic set, with a white midsole for contrast set, and then black embellishment JUMPMAN and heel "23", finally equipped with ice blue crystal outsole perfect ending, it really is full of eyes, ah, Air Jordan 11 Will launch a finale color, such as last year's "Space Jam", the year before the "72-10". This year is about to finale this "Gym Red", shoes and debut last year, "Slam Dunk" the same, with red nylon material combined with red patent leather upper, upper embellished white Jumpman Logo, followed by a black on white The "23" original authentic words, while the outsole followed the "big dunk" light blue crystal bottom, better organization soles oxidized yellow.
The actual born Kyrie 3 For Sale has always been a fan of word of mouth classic, and this time in 1996 the debut of the Fire Red color will also landed in the long-awaited shelves. This section of white leather wrapped shoe body, supplemented by red hollow leather design uppers, and supplemented by the classic burst of cracks dotted between the tongue on the Jumpman and the lining is black, and finally equipped with white Midsole and red outer end finishes. At the end of the year there are several pairs of AJ series shoes worth looking forward to, including AJ11 big devil models there are two color is worth starting with this gymred color design is very dazzling, the overall color with a special look good. KAWS x Air Jordan 4 "Black" continues the details of the starting color design, upper with Companion cartoon hand texture, followed by the XX logo is presented, the outer bottom is still the luminous effect, and the overall tone of black is more low-key and wild, Popularity is absolutely not lost to the gray version!

Air Jordans 2018 Air Jordan 12 ‘Love & Respect’ Pack is a new release from Jordan Brand launching during October 2017. This release pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ he has for the game of basketball while officially saying goodbye to the sport. The pack will be available for both men and women.The two will feature the same print on the wrapping paper inside of the box.
The women jordans 2017 Air Jordan 12 releases comes dressed in a White and Black color scheme. On the medial side we have ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ throughout while using 3M Reflective detailing. The men’s version features a White and Black combination while the women’s comes in Black and White. In addition the two will feature ‘Love’ and ‘Respect’ on the lower part of the tongue.
Cheap Jordans Online have more information, we will make sure to update you. Below you can check out more images which will give you a detailed look at the two.As a loyal fan of Jordan sneakers is I do not think people will buy one pair of classic Air Jordan say, this year's re-engraved version of the Air Jordan XII (12) will once again come before us, the same color side is a classic Air jordan, and previous engraved versions.
Jordan Sneakers 2017 version of 2018 Air Jordan XII (12) has a special drawer shoe,like friends do not miss. My usual hobby is playing basketball, so Jordan series basketball shoes is also very interested in, but since starting college, buy a pair of cheap Jordan basketball shoes became a luxury jewelry in general exist, I believe that many people like me, then how can we buy shoes to improve their rate of it today Click order for the most up to date Air Jordan.

In 1998, the world ushered in a generation of New Jordans 2017, simple, smooth shoe body symbolizes the omnipotent god of the game - "trapeze" JORDAN, this dual set ZOOM cushion, carbon fiber tray And the design of the Leopard Eye as one of the boots for the trapeze created an extraordinary victory to help them win the second regular season, All-Star Game and Finals MVP Grand Slam titles, and wrote the tenth pick Scoring title and record the history of the first two consecutive three brilliant record; Air Jordan 13 is Jordan Brand independent brand Nike in 1997 after the launch of the first signature sneakers, but also following the AJ12 after the second pair of formally in mainland China Listed Air Jordan shoes, and for the first time using a silver Jordan Brand shoebox.Air Jordan History of Flight series debut, to the Air Jordan series 25 anniversary commemorative gift.
In the history of the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, there are many unsold samples, there are many rare items for display, such as the Jordan Jordan flagship store on display the full range of Air Jordan "History of Flight", its precious The degree has been compared to all the people is "town shop treasure now, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this year's Air Jordan 13, Air Jordan 13 series in the market it! In addition to adult models, GS will also be on the shelves, HOF family popularity, this is undoubtedly a big surprise this summer, the shoes to black and yellow lining to create the first eye color with smooth shoes make glance, the last shoe body lining quite metal The texture of the trapeze Logo for the shoes into a trace of luxury atmosphere, the whole pair of shoes color obvious difference is very full grab In the Chicago World Basketball Carnival,
The Kyrie 3 For Sale are equipped with white color, cleverly integrated into the red details and black shoelaces, in order to pay tribute to the MJ legendary city of origin. After these people have not seen these designs, and now nearly ten years later, Air Jordan XIII showcase once again open to people to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the boots.Now, AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO take a fresh look, handsome tone low profile without losing gorgeous, engraved shoes classic legend. Upper middle of the fixed strap, so that the whole shoe closer to the upper, light and beautiful mesh shoes with TPU injection of suede upper package module, and the beginning of the shape of animal toes inspired exaggeration outsole at the time there are crystal Plastic package edge design,so that the outsole is more wild.
With its unique design and wild shape, the Jordan Sneakers 2017 is one of the most popular styles in the AJ series. Recently exposed two new Air Jordan 13 color will be on sale next spring! The Air Jordan 13 "Olive", olive green not only appear frequently in the shoe color, but also by everyone's favorite. This pair of Air Jordan 13 "Olive" with the classic Air Jordan 9 "Olive" modeled. Air Jordan is Nike's most famous NBA star Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) named series. In 1985, Michael Jordan signed a contract with Nike, a sporting goods maker then still a small manufacturer, to Nike, which launched Jordan's first sneaker for Jordan, The first of the Air Jordan series. Although this sneakers at the time with a strange color and novel technology, but no one thought, this would be the beginning of a myth. AIR JORDAN outsole using solid traction and excellent flexibility. The grooves are designed to mimic the natural movements of human feet. Jordan Brand's Tom Luedecke explains: "Its zonal engineering actually matches the footprint." We're looking for a footprints spot where the initial wear of shoes, the right amount of traction mode. "

Have experienced Nike SB golden age of New Jordans 2017, today saw Kyrie Irving foot boots should be the whole spirit of it, the color transplant for sale in 2005 Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Roswell Rayguns Black Edition, but then Many shoe fans in the heart of one of the super-fantasy, the heel of the sign is presented in the original design (handheld two-gun), faithfully restored the essence of Nike Dunk Low Pro SB. For many friends obsessed with basketball shoes, shoes for the actual performance requirements of far more than the appearance of too much, Kicksivision more than two years after the establishment of the coverage of several new shoes, we also found that for Basketball shoes, many people pay more attention to scientific and technological performance, such as whether there is a carbon fiber board, whether the use of woven upper, whether the whole Pocket Zoom Air cushion?
Previously reported 2017 Air Jordan Shoes today released the official version of the picture, and exposed the physical map compared to no big difference, except the shoelace nameplate and insole "EYBL" logo points out Attributes, the whole pair of shoes with intuitive feeling is that it seems to have just finished playing the color run too late to clean up, had experienced Nike SB golden age of friends, today saw Kyrie Irving foot boots should be the whole spirit Now, the color-grafted version of the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Roswell Rayguns Black Edition was released in 2005, but many shoe fans in the heart of one of the super-fantasy Escape, the heel of the logo is based on the original design (handheld two-gun) , Faithfully restored the essence of Nike Dunk Low Pro SB.To Nike Kobe series quite classic color tone, in particular, tongue combined with two players personal LOGO details are very unique, once caused a lively discussion on the network, earlier foreign countries have heard a series of official pictures and Release date, for fans who are interested is undoubtedly a big blessing.
Unlike the previous generation of Kyrie 3 For Sale, KYRIE 3 canceled the most iconic oversized Velcro, while the foot foot design combined with the Flywire line, to ensure the fit of the foot lock. The second half of the upper embosses the big Swoosh logo and has many triangular protrusions on the upper. The midsole material and the heel Zoom cushion did not change. Its biggest bright spot lies in the outer grip of the forefoot two grip module. Color, heat map style attractive, superior performance is superior response, very cramped space emergency stop, start, turn and other actions. This black and white color to black-based colors, together with the white Nike Swoosh, tongue logo and outsole, the color contrast, while adding white spots in the end effect, add a lot of color for it. This preview, we will see more about the sole design, the green lines on the white bottom. Owen analysis said that this shoe grip module is incredible.
It's responsive on the Jordan Sneakers 2017, while the defensive player's shoes are still moving forward. This may be the biggest difference. Basketball games tend to be the winner in a few key moments, you have to seize the opportunity to get shots. My shoes can prove that It can be in a cramped space emergency stop, disguise, to the other direction of a breakthrough, I can not wait to let other players try. Concerned NBA fans all know Kyrie Irving as Kobe Bryant as his idol, he also more than once publicly expressed the "Mamba spirit" for their own influence, although the player this summer, the transfer of the storm has not yet decided the storm, but he Earlier on Instagram drying out a pair of Nike Kyrie 3 "Bruce Lee" do not note color, and finally announced the official sale information. Inspired by Kobe's action-packed legend, Bruce Lee, this pairing of colors embodies many of the classic elements of Kobe's signature shoe, including "mamba" snake details on the inside of the shoe's body; the "Enter the Dragon" .

New Jordans 2017 in the Air Jordan 6 this pair of hot air shoes action will continue, except in the second half will usher in "Like Mike", "UNC" and "Wheat" three new color, specifically for the Chinese Lunar New Year launched Air Jordan 6 "Chinese New York" Do not mention shoes are also rumored to be on sale in January 2018. With the date of release is also disclosed in the shoes of text color message, if not out of the body in the body design and detail embellishment will be Black, Multi-Color, Summit White and Metallic Gold four colors to create the Chinese New Year Festive atmosphere. Air Jordan 2018 Chinese New Year, including a Air Jordan 6, mainly black with color, with gold details, while the upper embroidered with different colors of flowers and colored dots, the performance of fireworks,
Full of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, very festive atmosphere. Inspired by Michael Jordan's green flight jacket, which was worn in 1991 when she was recording a television program, the shoe was designed with military-green, space-like cotton inlay, details in the midsole, lining, and black embellishment highlighting the military Style at the same time into the delicate texture of the past, a unique fabric in the light emitting a satin-like luster.Inspired by bamboo weaving with unique Chinese characteristics, Jordan Brand brought three pairs of New Year's limited colors for both men and women Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 31. Recently, a pair of Air Jordan 6 "CNY" shoes information appeared in the network, Air Jordan 6 in sneakerhead mind position is self-evident, as Michael Jordan's first pair of championship boots its classic degree also goes without saying.
The Kyrie 3 For Sale, inspired by Gatorade's Gatorade commercial, has been exposed many times before us. To Gatorade Logo for color inspiration, green suede vamp with midsole / shoes at the bright orange decoration, white midsole supplemented by transparent rubber to jointly express the theme. It's does not get more core Autumn than the influx of "wheat" colored sneakers, and it appears that Jordan Brand is ready to get the party started with the release of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG and Air Jordan 6 in the popular color palette.While the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 1 are scheduled to release on 11/21 and 11/25 in the US, respectively, retailers across Europe are stocking these now, include in those territories.
With the Jordan Sneakers 2017 in New Orleans for the second time in four seasons, expect more Mardi Gras-ready colorways for many of the elite sneakers in the game. Jordan Brand is leading the way once again in that department, releasing a tandem of green/purple kicks to get the midseason classic started. Air Jordan 1, 6, and 31 share the look, each blocked in an iridescent sheen that will fit in perfectly with the Crescent City.The Black Cat features an all-black leather upper. The shoe also features perforations on the ankle, the side panels, and the toebox. Additional details include 3M hits on the laces and side panels. Finally, a white midsole and translucent black outsole cap things off.This is, of course , just half of what's to come on the "Wheat" front, as the Air Jordan 1 Flyknit as well as the Air Jordan 13 Retro are set to drop on 11/1 and 11/21, respectively. Stay tuned for those releases, and look for these now at retailers across the Atlantic.

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