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New Jordans 2017 has a very bright and beautiful JumpmanLogo, coupled with the innovative shape of shoes, Air Jordan6 is very delicate. At the same time Air Jordan 6 also continued Air Jordan5 plastic lace elastic buckle design, to know that the design was very popular at that time, almost the same period most people in the eyes of sports shoes good or bad "ruler." Tiner Air Jordan5 used by the plastic buckle buckle design was improved to make it more compact, you can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect. AirJordan6 original date so far only in August 2000 re-sale, respectively, launched the AirJordan 6 Retro and Air Jordan 6Retro +.
The blue and white red color Air Jordan 6Retro + is specifically for Jordan Brand's players Ray Allen and VinBaker to participate in the Sydney Olympic Games and launched a special color.
After the 2002 and 2003, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes also launched the Air Jordan 6 RetroLow and improved Boot shoes. This year, in 2014, as the first time after winning the first 23 years of Jordan, the same as Air Jordan 6 after the sale of the first 23 years, Jordan Brand decided to this year as a large number of Air Jordan 6 re-engraved years, many long ago no see Air Jordan 6 color and many new color sale. If you are an old shoe fans, you look forward to the color will come back again, if you are new shoes fans, whether it is the old color or new color you will shine. Air Jordan 6 Jordan series as one of the most successful shoes, will undoubtedly make this summer you frenzy, of course, you will be winter.And in order to allow consumers to more intuitive feel Air Jordan XX9 two revolutionary innovative technology, the exhibition also set up two areas to sound and light effects were Performance-Woven Upper (functional weaving upper) and Upgraded version of FlightPlate technology for a detailed introduction.
The upcoming 2017, Kyrie 3 For Sale prepared a lot of color, like the Air Jordan 6 shoes fans, is definitely a big blessing ah! First of all, for the next year, New Orleans all-star to build the Air Jordan 6 "Chameleon", the whole shoe through the temperature of the material produced black shoe body, covered with 3M punching as a detail, even the shoes lead, midsole also "discoloration" effect Heel, insoles with special JUMPMAN to embellish the theme. Air Jordan 6 GS Purple Dynasty Deep purple color, steady also with a trace of charming. The overall effect of the use of the effect of deep purple vamps covered, only in the outsole to use the white color to do point. Shoelace lock is also dark purple, add a small white flying tag. Today, Michael Jordan is still one of the NBA to measure whether a star is a great ruler, in order to celebrate again Michael Jordan six championship feat, after three years, Jordan Brand decided to re-engraved this spring Jordan 6 Rings. This will be the sale of this pair of Jordan 6 Rings will launch a total of Bulls home, black and gray, French blue, cool gray four colors.  This section of the Air Jordan 6 Low "Ghost Green" to white lychee leather splicing blue cattle leather to build shoes body, hit the color contrast with a full visual impact, the details of the ghost green embellishment. The overall effect is quite harmonious, like the dazzling effect of the shoes lovers, is a worthy of attention color!

For a lot of friends obsessed with New Jordans 2017, the performance requirements for the actual combat shoes is much more important than the appearance, Kicksivision in the establishment of more than two years, reported the contents of several new shoes, we also found, for Basketball shoes, many people pay more attention to the performance of science and technology, such as whether there is a carbon fiber board, whether to use Woven upper, whether the whole palm Zoom Air cushion? So return to today's pair of KYRIE 3 on that. Flywire fly line technology in the Nike basketball shoes have been used for more than 8 years, this technology can be described as consummate, forefoot two lace hole embedded in the Flywire fly line, which is the first use of the series Technology and other places is the ordinary shoelace stability device, for Kyrie Irving this ball ability superior player, the new shoelace system, to provide his front palm of the paste and the sense of the lock on the feet. Bruce Lee has a famous saying: "always do yourself, bravely express yourself, believe in yourself."
This sentence is deeply branded in the hearts of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes. Bruce Lee's philosophy of life to help Kobe Bryant and Owen both inside and outside the stadium broke out their strong potential. For Owen, his Mamba spirit began at the age of 17, when he put on "Bruce Lee" as the inspiration of Zoom Kobe 5, participated in the Nike show held in California. In order to commemorate the special moment, and to express his admiration for Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee, the new KYRIE 3 Mamba Mentality once again revisit this theme. Travel yellow / black color inspired by Zoom Kobe 5, while to pay tribute to Bruce Lee's exclusive logo, forehead parts into the four red slash, and further in the design to deepen the association with Bruce Lee.
The design of the simulated snakeskin pattern inspired by Kyrie 3 For Sale, which represents the continuation of the Manhattan spirit, aims to pay tribute to the intimate relationship between Kobe and Owen. Tongue is equipped with a new Kyrobe logo, Bryant and Owen each classic pattern, clever combined. Cavaliers home guard Kyrie Irving this season's wonderful performance is the fans for all to see, Nike has also been launched for its exclusive boots. In today's game against the king of the Cavaliers against the king, Irving on the feet of his new to create a dedicated Kyrie 3 PE, shoe body with black color, with eye-catching gradient Swoosh and the end of the ink. Let us pay attention to Kyrie Irving in this game in the wonderful performance. Following the starting black and white color, Nike Kyrie 3 will usher in a new "Warning" color. This back shoes will be very aggressive Irving attack, to remind the defensive player to be psychologically prepared to meet the fierce overbearing attack. The new vamps using Hyperfuse technology and TPU material composition, to bring breathable and supportive design, Flywire dynamic fly line to join the perfect lock fit, with eye-catching red main presentation, in the end of the addition of ink elements dotted just right, and finally equipped with white Rubber outsole finish.

New Jordans 2017 has a very bright and beautiful JumpmanLogo, coupled with the innovative shape of shoes, Air Jordan6 is very delicate. At the same time Air Jordan 6 also continued Air Jordan5 plastic lace elastic buckle design, to know that the design was very popular at that time, almost the same period most people in the eyes of sports shoes good or bad "ruler." Tiner Air Jordan5 used by the plastic buckle buckle design was improved to make it more compact, you can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect. Led the Bulls to beat the group of bad boys - the Detroit Pistons, and the West Coast "Magic" Johnson led the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals meet, in the case of losing a game to win four wins championship,He is a meticulous person. Jordan Ushered in a new career career.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes as Jordan's first pair of NBA championship shoes, midsole also continued the previous generations of products using the visible AirSole air cushion, but Air Jordan6 has a very beautiful design style.AirJordan6 original date so far only in August 2000 re-sale, respectively, launched the AirJordan 6 Retro and Air Jordan 6Retro +. The blue and white red color Air Jordan 6Retro + is specifically for Jordan Brand's players Ray Allen and VinBaker to participate in the Sydney Olympic Games and launched a special color. After the 2002 and 2003, AirJordan 6 also launched the Air Jordan 6 RetroLow and improved Boot shoes. Michael on the pitch is almost omnipotent, but you will find that the same as he is outside the stadium is full of charm. I remember every time I start to play away, he will own to organize clothing.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, every thing he will carefully received good. He is very focused on his appearance, whether it is in the formal or informal occasions. Remember that once he came to my house to visit, he said after the door: "Tingke, here is very cold, you can take me a coat?" I pointed to the wardrobe. Is such a private occasion, he also pay attention to their own image. He tried several pieces, only to find a most satisfied with the coat. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 6 in 1991, play his second MVP season, locking in another scoring title, and hoisting the NBA Championship trophy for the first time in his illustrious career. Tinker Hatfield threw two grip holes into the rubber tongue to help people slip their feet in more easily, and included a translucent sole effective contrasted the colored midsole.

New Jordans 2017 constantly for girls to bring exclusive color shoes, this time there is news that the eyes of this black powder color Air Jordan 12 will be launched later this year, the use of black suede combined with pink leather to create shoes, and gray details Decor, believe that this color can make many women's shoes fans at first sight, but there is no more information on the sale of information.Air Jordan 12 Retro CNY China color concentrated Chinese style filled in the shoe body above the Chinese character twelve Engraved in the tongue, shoelace buckle is used as raw materials for bamboo. Air Jordan 12 Retro CNY engraved men's sports shoes with high-quality leather details and flexible cushioning system to enhance the comfort experience, to pay tribute to the first year. The Air Jordan 12 CNY to the famous Taxi color model, the upper use of 3M reflective design, bringing a new visual experience.
Side of the black leather with 2017 Air Jordan Shoes bamboo weave lines blessing, shoe buckle and Jumpman Logo are used bamboo pattern, the Chinese elements full. Tongue on the Erqi words are very eye-catching, from both positive and negative aspects of the New Year do not note the special significance. Into the 2017, NIKE unprecedented re-engraving speed constantly fried Joe uncle's hot rice, uncle casually count the number of two months time, has been re-engraved 10 variety, and this speed and eat really is no one. But who let us SNEAKER that what, every time you always scratch the scratch to our itchy. Uncle announced here: In addition to the 12, the next AJ13 and AM2017, uncle this year do not buy NIKE shoes (and then buy the home can not fit, and always can not wear every pair of shoes to wear only two fish It).
Kyrie 3 For Sale, with a simple and generous design, help "air trapeze" won the fifth. Black part of the use of high-quality lychee leather, white side of the package is full grain leather. Classic black and white hit color design, and silver lace buckle embellishment, the overall use of high-end materials luxury, excellent texture. Configuration, the end of the use of the whole palm Zoom air cushion makes the foot feel quite good. The large format of the letter and the large area of ​​the carbon plate pattern fit, grip and anti-torsion ability is also quite impressive. Air Jordan 12 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the suction gold group Jordan Brand for the majority of Sneaker brought a lot of 12 on sale (mainly to get money), this week 6 sale of "The Master" in the official website instantly sold out, enough to prove Air Jordan 12 appeal, and this year's 12 re-engraved a major feature is to bring back the OG shoe box and engraved card, but more regret is the shoebox Logo is not entirely based on the first year of the Nike Logo, and Is printed on the Jumpman Logo.aj12 black and white, is Michael Jordan in the 96-97 season wearing classic boots. Jordan wearing the pair of shoes for the second consecutive year to obtain the title of scoring, which is his career in the ninth scoring.

At the end of New Jordans 2017 conference in Oklahoma, for the city's owner - Kevin Durant sent a new generation of boots. SIZE size is also sent a special team to fly to the United States, from design to combat it to a full understanding of it, and now from the initial sale has been a full month, let us have time to experience this is known as the history of the most innovative Of the shoes, after all, this should have two new technology, and from the saber-toothed tiger body inspiration Nike KD 8, from the modeling point of view, Nike KD 8 contour flat, and the previous six generations are similar, but the whole in the end and Outsole is very wide, really make a trace of "running shoes" misunderstanding. Weight, although in the design process deliberately weight loss, but still have some weight to wear, but after the adaptation is no obvious feeling.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes of the end of the more complex, one of the foam molding material with the new Zoom Air cushioning unit, the first foot of the texture will be relatively hard, and even difficult and the traditional concept of Zoom Air have contact, but the pursuit of Start the speed of friends is the Gospel. The end of the end of the use of one of the foam molding technology, followed by inspiration from the saber-toothed tiger fangs support structure, and the whole in the end together as a whole, to enhance the stability of the small help, in the evaluation of the ankle little shaking , Reducing the risk of sprains. Outer surface lines, Nike KD 8 ingenuity of the use of the fine point of the lines, the law of the outsole particles although beautiful, but in the field performance of the grip of the flat, but in the field better. And the outsole rubber hard, deep lines, can indeed be able to a certain extent, should adjust the field.
In Kyrie 3 For Sale, the designer Leo Chang for his realization of this vision, and later KD shoes are all low to help, except for some elite version. And for Flyknit, Durant really like to die, before Flyknit is to give Kobe use, and now Bryant retired, KD naturally become the first Flyknit users. In the KD8, the upper is the use of Flyweave, a weave in the Air Jordan XX9 weaving technology, according to reason the process is higher than Flyknit it, but Durant is not cold, he would like Flyknit this can weave Out of the pattern of materials, so to the KD9 formal use of the Flyknit, but still a little "splicing" design, the front foot is Flyknit, hind foot or mesh material, not all Flynit, including the elite version is not all uppers are Flyknit. Nike before the lock technology is a dynamic fly line and shoelace winding, composed of the instep and side of the package, the dynamic fly line is hidden inside, but KD10 latest shoelace technology directly on the surface of the shoe to solve the problem of locking. And this design form has been used on Kobe A.D. NXT.

The New Jordans 2017 all night into the summer, the weather gradually warming, while the other side of the ocean also into the playoff mode, strong teams between the collision, so that the temperature of the game close to the hot degree. Missed the championship last year, the Golden State Warriors, once again embarked on a journey to win the championship. As the core of the warriors, Curry must hold the determination of revenge, and this time to accompany the library to embark on this "revenge" of the road shoes is this pair of Under Armor Curry 3ZER0. After Curr 1's frenzy, with Curry 2 / 2.5's calm, Curry 3ZER0 made a re-start in the name, Zero represents the desire from scratch, 73's glory is past, the new team , Adjustable heel strap system, help effectively support the stability of feet.
This 2017 Air Jordan Shoes tightens the heel and the upper hole by tightening the shoelace in the upper foot, so as to reach the package and support at the ankle. But here to explain, the heel of the material is too hard, and filled with Bo, so try to avoid wearing socks on the feet. In the Curry 2 generation, we also see the performance of Charged Cushioning, but designers should also think of, if the two different effects of cushioning material can bring a completely different foot feeling, then the rational use of both will certainly have Good midsole reaction. So we can believe that this combination of Charged Cushioning and Micro G can bring a very good chemical reaction. In fact, here, I would like to take the shoes out of the bottom to see, in the bottom part of the two kinds of technology is how the distribution. Micro G is a good rebound in the sense of cushioning material, in the library with a signature before, he wore two are Micro G cushion in the end, and Micro G's foot feeling to UA brought a lot of Audience.
And in the Kyrie 3 For Sale on the use of the Charged Cushioning, this cushioning technology popular, he is a kind of scattered pressure of the cushioning glue, in the feedback foot feeling above the Micro G obvious. In actual combat experience, first of all feet feel, insoles with OrthoLite insoles, comfort is good. After the foot, the forefoot in the end of the feedback is obvious, I believe it is a double in the end of science and technology played a role in the start feedback is also good, grip does not procrastinate. I recently knee injury, can not do too much exercise, so try a simple jumper, the grip did not have to say, is very suitable for a pitcher shoes. And finally stressed that the audience three pairs of three confrontation in the actual effect, against the shoes in the protection effect and stability effects are doing a good job, when the feedback is more obvious, the ball break the process did not procrastinate effect. Continuous take-off process can be in the end of the feedback, this feedback is very obvious, but also shows that this pair of Curry 3ZER0 double in the end of science and technology is a significant addition of the role. Interview to San, he had an ankle before injury, so specifically asked for the protection of the ankle. Three on the ankle of the package feedback and I exactly the same, tight and very protective, remember to wear basketball socks.

In the New Jordans 2017 of the next year, you 12 generations of fans, but too full of addiction! This year's autumn and winter is still AJ 12 heavy come, wine red color Air Jordan 12 "Bordeaux" is not just the tone of the transformation, material and details of the material are particularly delicate and delicate, called the most beautiful this year, a pair of Air Jordan 12! Exactly like Taxi black and white body, as well as the whole body of the 3M reflective effect is the new color of this pair of new bright spot! To Chinese characters "pick up two" presented in the tongue, shoe buckle and shoe body nameplate is also made of wood material, more Chinese charm! AIR JORDAN series of shoes in the sales and market demand far ahead of other products, the annual sports shoes industry to establish a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking.Two new colors in Taiwan, if the sale of the news we will share to you.
Keep the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes body contours at the same time, the use of the texture of adorned matte leather material presented, respectively, with olive green, wheat yellow and purple three-color show to solid color dress up to highlight its luxurious materials. Shoes with "Public School" tag tag blessing, highlighting the joint special identity, texture and leisure temperament of the perfect combination, I am afraid that is a shoe with a boutique! Air Jordan 12 is expected to launch two new colors this year, different from the past we are familiar with the original leather set, the two choose to echo the seasonal sense of suede as the shoe body, over the years Air Jordan 12 slowly From the stadium into reality in the casual style, so that fans love fans have the opportunity to wear it on all occasions, to create more different memories.
The core of the Kyrie 3 For Sale is the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling star in the history of basketball Michael Jordan, and accompanied by superstar experienced brilliant career basketball shoes, highlighting his ability to function, innovation and achievements of the relentless pursuit. Not only has a very pleasing color scheme, wine red shoes to light-colored soles under the lining, in the fashion and inherited the flying athletes sports vitality. And suede texture of the material highlights, it is this pair of red wine more exciting charm of the new source! From the then Bucks three musketeers to the Sonics leader and then to the Celtics three giants. Ray Allen is no one to ask one of the greatest players of this time. 2012-2013 season, because with the team newcomer Rondo and mine, defending the defending champion Heat, become an indispensable part of the team. Air Jordan 12 in this year will have a very good performance, which was much attention to the "sick" color of the black and red to reproduce, this quite the story of the Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" will be on sale again, the Bulls Black Red Dress and Flu Game night legend will once again become the focus of the shoes circle.

New Jordans 2017 inspired by LeBron James's leadership qualities and stadium image. Based on LeBron's playoff boots, the breathable shoe body, four fixed straps and the Zoom Air cushioning configuration, this is a color version of the Court General, which is a new championship lecture. As a well-known series, nike James 11 generation can undoubtedly bring you an extraordinary experience. Especially Nike James 11 light shoes, but also allows you to have their own style in the winter. Of course, there is no doubt that this series of shoes is to recognize James's outstanding achievements and set up, in this premise, this shoe is very strong combat. Love nike James 11 generations of people, more fancy is its performance.
If you choose a pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes light shoes, then, in the dark night, you have a very good partner. This kind of shoes is really pulling the wind, when it shines at your feet, you feel, is a special warmth, and love for this winter. As the lightest lebron james11 professional boots, wearing a fast movement, and the package is even better, by the professional designers to join a very shocking design concept into, mainly with the terracotta character, to stone The original color to match the purple, blue, red and some simple but can give people a strong visual impact of the formation of color. lebron11 design style more atmosphere, the upper texture of the pattern is a symbol of the soldiers wearing a plus armor, like the spirit of the fighter forever.
And Kyrie 3 For Sale echo the number 11 has a very unique duality, and in the tongue on the icon and the insoles have a symmetrical design which contains them. Will soon be released lbj11, from the news picture point of view, really super very king of the Fan, I believe there will be a good market in the market. If you want to first experience nike lbj11 brought the spirit of the fighter, the network platform to buy it, anyway, no time space constraints, and the official is the first time through the official website, the purchase will be faster than the counter.If you play basketball in a pair of such shoes, on the pitch invincible is no longer a dream. It can help athletes to enhance the ability to bounce, can also play the role of anti-skid, so that they enjoy their skills to show their skills.

The end of this year New Jordans 2017 prepared a wave of exquisite new series, in front of the WIN LIKE 82 theme color, then Michael Jordan in the University of North Carolina impressive record for the source of inspiration, in the Air Jordan 11 engraved shoes and Air Jordan XXX2 Low new shoes on the appearance of a familiar and energetic North Carolina dress! Because the Bulls are away to fight, white and black home color of the Air Jordan 11 and the visiting team jersey color does not match, so Michael - Jordan is also a fine of 5,000 US dollars per game, while Michael - Jordan suddenly re-wear No. 23 jersey, again Field fines $ 25,000. In the third Eastern Conference semifinals, Michael - Jordan did not wear Air Jordan shoes, but put on the opponent Hardaway's Nike Air Flight One, after the game,
This section of the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes can be classic in the classic, Michael that should be brought to the stadium "regular image", this insight is the inspiration of this section of shoes. He came back in the full period from 1995 to 1996 during the season wearing this XI shoes, so that XI quickly become the AIR JORDAN series of shoes in the most popular one. Another bold innovation is that AJXI for the first time in the use of patent leather shoes as a material, more known as "secret weapon" carbon fiber elastic support plate, and can prevent the tensile or deformation of the polymer coating upper, Accompanied by Michael Jordan in the season won 72 games and the fourth NBA championship title. Jordan became the second player in the single season, while the regular season, the All-Star Game and the finals of the most valuable player title. At the same time the first use of the whole palm built air spare air cushion technology, coupled with the end of the whole palm carbon fiber supporting plate, so that the whole pair of shoes in the shock this index reached an extreme.
This pair of Kyrie 3 For Sale, this pair of shoes past life name is: Air Jordan 11 Columbia, yes, that is, the 1996 All-Star Game Jordan God kissed the pair, that year is the first to snatch the head Flow only the dead of the Air Jordan 11 Columbia, that double Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue is how is it? Accurately said Jordan Brand played a word game, Jumpman Logo changed a direction, some small details changed to a new color on the change, this is not Jordan Brand for the future belongs to the Remastered series Air Jordan 11 Columbia let the way Know, but this pair of Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue is indeed the classic Air Jordan 11 Columbia's own son no doubt. This year's "Space Jam" has a rich film atmosphere, choose MJ film playing baseball back 45 (also his back when the NBA back), also to celebrate the "Monster Space Jam" movie 20th anniversary, so The design of the shoebox may also be specially designed!Michael - Jordan said yes Hadawi for shoes to wear, but Hadawi did not wear Air Jordan shoes, the other may be Nike is not ready to match the color of the Air Jordan 11 to Jordan, and Jordan may not like to wear Air Jordan 10 game.

New Jordans 2017, this is the nickname given to Jordan. Not only because he bounces amazing, often in the field to make incredible action, but also because of his feet on the Air Jordan 1. "Air Jordan", which is nike for Jordan launched the signature of the signature of the agency. Not only reflects the technology of shoes, but also can reflect the style of Jordan play. And in 1984 during the Thanksgiving Day launched the ad, then to a lot of people left a deep impression. The lens first from the air overlooking the Chicago profile, followed by the engine whistling, Jordan slow run into the camera, the hands of a basketball ball, dribble to the basket under the legs to start, holding high the first hand, Under the front, the ball into the line. This time, NIKE for its classic shoes Air Jordan 1 to create a classic black and pure blue line of Flyknit woven version.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes to the African continent flag for the creation of inspiration, in its tongue details and color can be seen. Air Jordan 1 Retro "Chicago" Chicago color of the sale of the city attracted wind and rain, this Air Jordan shoes originator why there is such a big charm, born in 1985 this classic shoes in the end contains what stories, then you have to understand about Air Jordan 1 10 things. Jordan Brand officially released the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High "Laser" laser color distribution information. This section is the 30th anniversary of the brand series, but also in the 2015 New York All-Star series.Using a simple white embellishment of silver, shoes Swoosh and details are used 3M reflective material to create.At first, many of my friends feel that leather material is more suitable for this shoe, but probably the exposure rate is getting higher and higher, everyone on this series of attention has also improved. Today, this black, green and red tri-ticolor woven shoes official exposure.
In 1985, Kyrie 3 For Sale in an Italian held the All-Star Game, a long-distance take-off flying glide dunk, the organic glass rebar buckle. That year is also the first year of Air Jordan 1 first generation series, this time Jordan Brand to buckle rebounds as the theme, in the Air Jordan 1 Retro High shoes, showing the MJ wearing the night of the ball color. These two shoes are bright black patent leather upper, respectively, with metal blue and metallic silver texture cortex made of, and equipped with white in the end, and finally to the blue and black outsole to end. In addition to these two colors there is a black and green color is also on sale. The series looks not only with a noble luxury texture, but also with a trace of metal tough style. Nike every year for the black history of the month to bring the theme of shoes, although the 2017 not past, but the most powerful network spy is better than the official speed. Now the network has been exposed in the 2018 black history of the first new to Air Jordan I Retro High Flyknit "BHM". This time Jordan Brand is not simply a classic shoes for a color on the battle, but the recent selection of the Air Jordan I Retro High Flyknit, while the black history of the black must be implemented to the shoes. Shoes with black and dark gray combination, the use of Flyknit material to bring the same Air Jordan 1 texture.

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