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identify finger-joint plates floor

non-toxic and odorless. Even if the decomposition is acetic acid, it is not poisonous. The finger joint board is also divided into two sections: knotted and unsegmented. There are sections with blinking eyes, no sections without blinking eyes, and beautiful appearance. Some pretending members directly use finger-joint boards to make furniture, and the surface does not need to be attached to the panel.

There is style and money. A simple way to identify finger-joint plates is to look at the ring of core materials: the finger-plates are mostly fir, the annual rings are more obvious, and the bigger the rings are,

the longer the tree age is, and the better the material is. There is also a kind of eucalyptus fingerboard sold in the market. It is used as a shelf for wardrobes. It can be used as an insecticide.

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plastic plate due to uneven amount floor

such as the gap to be welded, should be 48h after welding, and welding with hot air, the air pressure should be controlled at 0.08 ~ 0.1MPa, the temperature control at 180 to 250 DEG C. 7, after the grass-roots treatment, brushing a thin and uniform base rubber, in order to improve the bond strength of the base and the surface, but also make up for the plastic plate due to uneven amount of coating,

may produce bulging, edge and other quality defects. 8, in the plastic plate material, should consider the room Founder deviation, should adopt the combination of prefabrication and production method, the preparation of each plate should be numbered in place, so as not to paste when using wrong,

and in the shop before paving a trial. 9, bottom glue after drying, according to elastic line, lattice, casting center line, the positioning line in surface and edges from the wall surface and the design requirements, set aside 200 ~ 300mm as the edge, to ensure uniform plate, horizontal straight joint.

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serious pollution can consider floor

2, the best indoor items before waxing will empty, except to move furniture cleaning treatment, the specific method for water with a neutral cleaning agent, wet care floors, will remove floating layer on the floor,

the area is relatively large and serious pollution can consider the use of multifunctional cleaning machine and supporting disc cleaner. After cleaning the floor, we should use clean water 1-2 times to dry the water or natural cool dry, pay attention to use dust suction machine (water absorption machine) can not use water, and the speed is very fast.

After drying the floor, waxing can be done, waxing is divided into 2 types, one is the bottom wax, one is surface wax, the role of the bottom wax is to close the gap and pores of the floor, after drying, the surface is not very bright, the surface wax will be brighter.

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made of composite load, insulation, light , Heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, durability and other excellent performance in one of the new building board. It is mainly composed of main frame, foamed cement core, steel truss and surface layer. Brief introduction Foam cement composite board is a light steel frame with surrounding steel frame, built-in truss and foam cement core material and surface

composite light components, with load-bearing insulation integration, energy saving, recycling, a fire , Seismic and other quality characteristics. The current market products are: roof panels, grid panels, floor panels, wall panels, shaped plates. Structural properties 1. Light inorganic inorganic modified company developed perlite composite core, the bulk density of less than 600kg / m3, making the entire weight of

the entire board is only about 30% of traditional concrete materials. 2. High-strength combination of light steel skeleton and high-strength inorganic and inorganic light-weight core material, though lightweight, retains the traditional reinforced concrete heavy plate bearing capacity, high safety features. It not only meets the requirements of uniform load but also has a strong concentration of carrying capacity. It is an

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ceramic ground materials flooring

The floor covering material made of resin as the main raw material is called plastic floor. It has good abrasion resistance and strong anti slip, and is widely used in home decoration. Here we look at the plastic floor What are the characteristics of? 1, moderate price: compared with carpets, wood flooring,

stone and ceramic ground materials, the price is relatively cheap. 2, decorative effect is good: its variety, pattern, pattern, color, texture, shape diversity, can meet the needs of different groups of hobbies and various uses, such as imitation of natural materials, very realistic.

with a variety of functions: foot sense of comfort, warm feeling, heat insulation, sound insulation, tide separation. 4, the construction of convenient laying: consumers can personally participate in the overall idea, selection and laying. 5, easy maintenance: easy to wipe,

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Place of common feelings of people obtains Chinese floor again to Lin Chang 10 beautiful, 10 old brands

Because its satisfy the pursuit with measurable to easy consumer, by accepted for the industry not develop way. As occupation standard make and ceaseless standard, the enterprise is undertaking art is broken through ceaselessly, the enterprise that jumps over more invests a group of people of same interest, the business that many brand excessive grow along with actual strength is ceaseless also emerge in large numbers. Recently, in what sponsor 20 " country 10 brands country 10 old brands " selection activity, chang Rong is obtained " country 10 brands kind " " the brand is worth the country 10 old brands " honorary, explained prosperous is be expert at adequately the public praise of industry consumer memory.

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Chang Rong is obtained " country 10 brands kind "



Chang Rong is obtained " the brand is worth the country 10 old brands "


Overall situation gives differ Young alive

Industry of prosperous deep ploughing more than 20 carry, accumulated those who abound to make art and experience, in the country there is those who hold the balance on phylogeny, formed in order to give priority to body, the door rectifies custom-built wall cloth to keep abreast of the bureau of big group brand of development. Innovate type puts forward " give differ Young alive " brand-new brand view, take good product and service for the society ceaselessly.

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Hold to from beginning to end " ceaseless breakthrough, transcend self " the prosperous of brand concept, when the wind that be in sees clue only, act quickly namely, the course counts year of research and development, the attempt of countless kinds of raw material, kind of art craft apply, roll out successfully eventually, solved the industry sex difficult problem of environmental lower berth. On the wind that be in, prosperous also continues the characteristic that its weigh design and originality, its aesthetic concept blends in a product. If be made complacently -- S955 is extremely happy, from extremely derive is inspirational, will want to blend in the life.

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Innovation leads activation brand individual character D

Found from the brand with, prosperous regards innovation as drive all the time, it is in order to satisfy consumer demand oneself, ceaseless innovation enterprising. From the industry, rectify to the door custom-built wait for a domain, prosperous goes in industry thereinbefore from beginning to end, become the person that the industry aboves average, however not complacent and conservative. Design a shop from the exterior, prosperous is innovating all the time, changing all the time, angle of do one's best satisfies customer yuan the requirement that change. Providing field of the richest face material solution for each client, foreign advanced art is inducted ceaselessly while prosperous is holding to own research and development, introduce facilities of foreign advanced production, expand group of product research and development, hold global industry to develop pulse.

Have an insight into consumer demand, d of activation brand individual character, prosperous is all-around upgrade the right season or time. Ceaseless innovation art, innovation product, in order to return to nature, the innovation product of brief vogue, lead individual character word fashion, synchronous world tide. And refer harvests double special honour this, prosperous sale chief inspector Ms. Wang Lixia says frankly, this is prosperous the knot that faculty and agency joint efforts struggle jointly, also be group of agency of leaders of all levels oh social all circles and the form that user of prosperous number ten million supports, it is industry authority portal -- what give prosperous through platform is greatest calm.

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Modest modest if this, in an attempt to of diligent of; of silent and cultivated industry, be dedicated to the heart with sincere D; of activation brand individual character, had better contented consumer demand. because of such, prosperous hour pays close attention to consumer demand acumen to hold industry wind direction, in industry transition when, make front in time decision-making, establish an industry tall. Obtain this promulgate " country 10 brands kind " " the brand is worth the country 10 old brands " , it is the actual strength testimony of prosperous, it is the choice of industry market user!

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Deep gray is moved still bright! Two-men cement apartment

Stylist designs new home for a pair of young husband and wife, the 3 rooms that this house is a model one hall, house advocate the hope has entertain a guest roomily space, because this stylist decides get through 2 rooms, sitting room, kitchen and dining-room are designed to be linked together, combine concrete fence post extender the seat division that the guest can rest besides the knot, the sitting room is rear and more the space lets male host put whole fair young to reveal ark.

The design thinks of opportunely: Think the choice is brunet in serving as the home advocate tone, remember thinking whether are room daylighting and fence estimate calculator canada dimensional pattern connected fully.

The colour in the home depends on house advocate be fond of decides tone to be gray and brunet woodiness, wall is the cement pink light with strong style, floor of wood of tie-in low chroma, add the ark of deep gray system that bedding face of open mode kitchen accumulates, whole appears composed dark tonal, the pattern that Dan Chang knows and good daylighting still let daily life space appear bright. Mosaic of the white on kitchen floor shop the brick bestposite decking south africa differentiates area, shed face of wall of brick of on build by laying bricks or stones of manage stage upper part 6 horn, suck eyeball besides modelling, when arrange better also cleanness. The bedroom is same with gray ligneous ark face continues style, but more slant of warm color tone be proud resort pre built garden fences board and white metope reduced cold good sense, collocation is pure white bedroom is knitted, finish sweet Morpheus

Master wooden floor to decorate 6 big focal points to transform a space not to make mistake

It is a new year, are you used to set new target? Among them, in whether changing new clothes to plan in yours for the home? Just just began this year, have a friend namely the inquiry is small make up this how to undertake decorating; It is especially besides consideration funds, the consideration of the choice of the style, detail, and contented life demand, should how set, ability makes money beautiful be on blade, produce big beneficial result!

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To this, small make up special interviewed many stylist, in the light of what differ house condition reachs demand, offer major see a proposal, then from which analytic allocation budgetary scale and the crucial point that the attention wants when decorating, the reference of the dreamy home in finishing memory as one pace. Now, everybody looks together!

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No matter be to open to booking house, new house, secondhand building or old house, must understand oneself first house condition essence and demand. To this, stylist suggests to be able to observe house daylighting and ventilated condition first, and whether does the itself that build thing have the bad problem such as cancer of slack, wall, decorate the reference of the plan as protocol. If house constitution is healthy, the budget of next brushstroke punish buildings still can be saved when decorating; Next, the demand of the member that be aimed at Ju Jiacheng again undertakes designing, face dark situation for instance, but will decorate brunt to be put in pattern to adjust, make communal space OK magnify, into rank promotion collects brightness.

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If decorate a target to be old house, the infrastructure that stylist emphasizes improving a building will be a key; Because compared with become house newly, old house overhaul needs to undertake waterproof and reparative, water and electricity is configured afresh more etc, ability promotes safety to spend, add should satisfy use requirement, be unavoidable to be able to undertake pattern is adjusted, funds also should prepare more normally a few.

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Because this stylist suggests, go up besides the budget should require much preparation than becoming house newly 20% , indoors of building materials choose on, more need to be used alive be able to bear or endure the wet material, data such as material of moisture absorption wall helps strong, let old house build a state to achieve balance accrete, also conduce to the environment with easy creation.

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When decorating, is the problem that most person often faces " do I want a style that occupy the home after all? " especially present style sort is so multivariate, how should choose ability to satisfy the be fond of of family person at the same time? And can complete by give stylist program, once discovery does not like, whether can you feel more regretful?  

Viewpoint Piao Tian Moliang: Hold right way prize to live in an industry to develop

On January 6, the industry of household of the 5th China that has person of house getting the home expects grows annual meeting and " wild goose award " , hold ceremoniously at center of conference of Beijing · country.

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Nearly 1000 people assemble in big Ga of household of countrywide each district Beijing, industry of prize of open thought storm grows. As the trade that conducted 4 already successfully " Oscar " , chinese household industry grows annual meeting to condensing China to live in the force of entire industry. Sponsor an unit to have a strong lineup, the country in including occupies an industry 12 guild. Sponsor media sina household, Le Teng to live in jointly, it is jointly " wild goose award " the platform hits Call.

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Regard household industry as annual trade grand meeting, tian Moliang of vice-chairman of association of interior decoration of secretary-general of organizing committee of annual meeting of development of estate of household of meeting site China, China publishs a speech, it is speech memoir below:

Each friends of each honored guest, colleague, journalism:

Everybody is good!

4 years ago, we held first China to live in an industry to develop annual meeting here, initiated industrial catenary to swim up and down relevant association, chamber of commerce is unitive cooperation, collective the new phase that promotes household estate development.

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Content turns the star moves a few degrees autumn, do not forget first heart, remember a mission well. Below everybody's joint efforts, the 5th China that sponsors jointly by association of main trend of industry of 12 family property, chamber of commerce lives in an industry to develop annual meeting, hold ceremoniously here today. The delegate that I am honoured is all sponsor an orgnaization, to the outstanding entrepreneur that attend the meeting and all practitioner, pay great respect and cordial greeting!

Comrades, 2017 is the arm since our Lu, cheer a dry year, also be the industry faces huge market pressure, a year when undergo stern test, all colleague was striding the pace of new era to had gone one year this is not ordinary. Of a bureau that 2018 is the 19 great mind that carry out a party year, it is reforming and opening 40 years, it is decide the issue of the battle builds comparatively well-off society in the round, carry out " 935 " the key of program a connecting link between the preceding and the following a year, also be the key that Chinese real estate enters thorough transition to transfer year. Get right on the job allows state, the industry dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland, realizing household industry to serve as new era, new atmosphere, newly is us the struggling target with all new practitioner.

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China lives in an industry to develop annual meeting to hold an industry to develop way from beginning to end. In all previous annual meeting, emphasizing living in an industry from beginning to end is with the person correlation of house environment quality spends highest industry, it is resource condition of sustainable, industry is evergreen, have the sunny industry of infinite vitality, it is the stone pressing a storehouse of benefit and the people's livelihood, economic stability.

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In the meantime, we emphasize wanting to protect the development of hypostatic economy mainly, prevent excessive apply colours to a drawing Internet electron business affairs and innovation of science and technology of negligence household manufacturing industry and the liability that research and development produces.

We emphasize from beginning to end, human history is play chess of each country rich the history with this disappear long those, industrial rise and fall decides the country loses by force, be in especially international topological features is sophisticated, below the case that economic risk inaccuracy decides, making the industry that makes strong homeland greatly is a country prosperous and strong essential.

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