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Chile, Argentina and their coastal waters are home to many interesting and unusual animal and plant species. These two countries encompass an exciting and colourful land that contains almost every landscape and climate imaginable - from lush rain forests to harsh and arid deserts to the pristine ice fields and lakes of Patagonia.
This wide range of climates and the diverse geography of the region make it a haven for those travellers that have a special interest in the native flora and fauna. Those who have a more casual interest in the animal and plant kingdoms will still find plenty to marvel at.

Some of the wildlife highlights and the must-sees of the region are as follows:

the Right Whale - whale spotting trips can be arranged from May to November in the south Atlantic. A truly impressive sight when one of these giant whales surfaces alongside your boat.

the Alerce - these enormous trees can live up to 4000 years making them one of the worlds longest living trees, or any life form for that matter.

the Camelid family - llamas, alpacas, guanacos and the endangered vicuñas - all of which played an important role in the culture and economy of the region for millennia. All of these species can be spotted in the Altiplano, the versatile guanaco can also be found all the way down in Patagonia.

the Huemul - a small Andean deer that is a national emblem of Chile. Destruction of its natural habitat has put this shy creature on the endangered species list

the Ñandú - a large flightless bird that inhabits the Altiplano and Patagonia.

the Chilean Flamingo - this colourful bird seems somehow incongruous with its natural habitat in the lakes and salares of the Altiplano.

the Araucaria - commonly known in English and the "monkey-puzzle tree", this captivating and bizarre looking tree lives to 1000 years. It is most prevalent in the Chilean Lake District region that shares its name.

the Condor - a fully grown male has a wing span of 10 to 12 feet, which makes it one of the largest flying birds in the world. The majestic condor can be sighted at various latitudes throughout the Andes.

the Penguin - both the Humboldt and Magellanic varieties can be found in large colonies around the coast of Patagonia and further north.

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Argentina is the very beautiful country in South America. If you want to visit there and looking for the buses or bus tickets, please visit Argentina buses and makes your journey memorable.

Santiago is capital and biggest city of Chile. It is known for its cutting edge look, strip malls, and staggering tall building engineering.

It is a humming metropolitan zone, which just gets more well known with each passing year. To get around Santiago is simple. It has outstanding amongst other underground Metro's on the planet. It is to a great degree proficient, protected and clean. You will rapidly get from one side of the city to the next.

A couple of good places to visit in Santiago are Cerro Santa Lucia Hill, Santa Lucia Craft Market, Paris Londres Neighborhood, Patio Bellavista, Plaza de Armas, and La Moneda.

When bringing a trip into Santiago Chile, regardless of whether it is by pontoon, auto, or plane your possessions can be defenseless. Chile is known to be a protected place to movement in Latin America, in any case; there will dependably be motivations to take from visitors. On the off chance that you have money, cards, critical reports or some other resources on you, they ought to be all around anchored. Each safeguard you take will help with dodging potential issues.

Before leaving for your excursion, get some data with regards to the general design of the Santiago Chile airplane terminal. This will help in finding taxi's, or pickup focuses, and abstain from placing yourself in less attractive circumstances. It is a smart thought to take the airplane terminal limousine, or get an inn get.

Continuously attempt and keep your wallet and resources anchored and safe in a satchel or in your grasp baggage. Having explorers bolt anchoring your packs from insignificant robbery is likewise a smart thought.

Prior to leaving for your outing, move some cash into the nearby money. Along these lines you have less to consider, and will keep you from hauling out a lot of cash at the airplane terminal landings. Make an effort not to attract superfluous regard for the way that you are conveying so much cash.

Have accessible a little measure of the nearby cash. This ought to be separate from the larger part of your voyaging cash, and can be utilized for the ride into town, and unexpected needs like toll ways or a water bottle.

Santiago Chile is extremely exceptionally sheltered, however it is exhorted wherever you travel to avoid potential risk as could be expected under the circumstances. Along these lines you won't put a damper on the most imperative thing, having an awesome occasion.

Chile is the very beautiful country in South America. If you want to visit there and looking for the buses or bus tickets, please visit Chile bus tickets and makes your journey memorable.

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