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Looking for a good treatment for hemorrhoids can be a frustrating experience. Mainly because you're usually in a lot of pain and you jump on the first thing you can get your hands on at the store.

There's a treatment for hemorrhoids that almost everyone has tried at least once or twice before, but which one gives the best results?

OTC Treatment for Hemorrhoids:

Did you know that there are literally dozens of products for the treatment for hemorrhoids? It's a big business and I'll tell you why.

People are in such a hurry today. That's one reason we have problems and on top of that, we have a terrible diet.

Most foods we eat are full of processed items that only cause our stool to be more difficult to get out. Then, because we're in such a hurry, we don't give our body a chance to expel the waste in a relaxed state.

The typical American barely gets enough fruits, vegetables and natural roughage in their diet to support not getting hemorrhoids. Couple that with the extra weight they carry around and you've got the recipe for hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoid treatment would not be needed if we ate and functioned the way we were designed.

Once you develop hemorrhoids, they don't usually go away completely unless you take necessary steps to help them.

Both conventional and alternative practitioners consider diet the best treatment for hemorrhoids. A diet rich in high-fiber foods and low in processed foods is essential.

Increasing fluid intake to six to eight eight-ounce glasses a day also is important. Dietary changes will be needed even if you took medication or had surgery.

Most hemorrhoid treatments only minimize pain and itching. Warm sitz baths are the most time-honored and often suggested therapy. Sit in about three inches of warm water for 15 minutes, several times a day, especially after a bowel movement.

This reduces the swelling in the area and relaxes spasm of the sphincter muscle. If you are pregnant, this may be too difficult, so check with your doctor before proceeding.

If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, a high-fiber diet combined with sitz baths and acetaminophen often reduces discomfort within two weeks.

If your symptoms persist, your physician may suggest one of the following procedures: Treatment for External Hemorrhoids

    Injection. An internal hemorrhoid can be injected with a solution that creates a scar and closes off the hemorrhoid. The injection hurts, as any injection does.

    Banding. Prolapsed hemorrhoids are often removed using a "rubber-band" ligation. A special tool secures a tiny rubber band around the hemorrhoid, shutting off its blood supply. Within a week, the hemorrhoid shrivels and falls off.

    Coagulationor cauterization. Using either an electric probe, a laser beam, or an infrared light, a tiny burn painlessly seals the end of the hemorrhoid, causing it to close off and shrink. This is most useful for "prolapsed" hemorrhoids.

    Surgery. For large internal hemorrhoids or extremely uncomfortable external hemorrhoids (such as thrombosed hemorrhoids that are too painful to live with), your doctor may suggest traditional surgery, called a "hemorrhoidectomy."

The success rate for hemorrhoid removal approaches 95%, but unless dietary and lifestyle changes are made, hemorrhoids may recur again, even after enduring the pain and recovery time.

Treatment for hemorrhoids using only "over the counter" drugs, (creams and salves) is not a real long term solution. It may give a very temporal relief to an inflamed hemorrhoid, but the best solution and cure will not be realized.

There is a better way to treat hemorrhoids. It's an all natural treatment that has proven to be most successful, whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids. It's called HemRid.

Any good treatment for hemorrhoids will include an internal approach since it's the veins that need treating as well.

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Pregnancy and hemorrhoids are a common combination. If you have suffered from hemorrhoids before pregnancy, what you probably won't want to hear is that the likelihood of you having them during or after the birth, is increased.

But the good news is that the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnancy can be greatly minimized, if not completely prevented. Some women only experience hemorrhoids after birth, brought about the pressure from pushing during the second stage of labour, but hemorrhoids in pregnancy occur for many reasons:

1. An expanding uterus puts pressure on the pelvic veins - in particular, the inferior vena cava. This large vein on the right side of the body receives its blood flow from the lower limbs.

The pressure on this vein often means that the return of blood from the lower part of the body is weakened.
In turn, this increases the pressure in the veins below the uterus and results in them becoming more distended. This produces hemorrhoids.

2. During pregnancy, there is an increase in the hormone progesterone. Progesterone slows down the intestinal tract - food is not digested as quickly, resulting in constipation. In its turn, constipation tends to cause straining - and straining puts pressure on the rectal veins, producing hemorrhoids.

In addition, this increased level of progesterone in the body causes a relaxation of the walls of the veins, allowing them to swell more easily. The combination of these two factors, means hemorrhoids in pregnancy can easily occur if preventative measures are not taken.

3. Some women find they are less active during pregnancy, and their food intake increases more than necessary. The combination of these two factors, along with the above-mentioned effects of increased progesterone, create an unbalanced digestive system.

However, from personal experience and that of consulting thousands of others, I know hemorrhoids in pregnancy are almost always preventable. Ideally, it's best to start an anti-hemorrhoid regime before becoming pregnant. Your body will actually benefit from this in many more ways, other than just preventing hemorrhoids.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor before undertaking any form of treatment or exercise.

These are my top 6 tips for preventing and treating hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

1. The use of natural supplements to strengthen the veins has proven extremely effective in clinical trials - they've worked better than placebos and drugs. If you are already pregnant and experiencing hemorrhoids, these same supplements can be taken to relieve pain, swelling and bleeding. They have shown no side effects in studies. There are also natural supplements which possess astringent qualities - these have been found to be highly effective in tightening the tissues of the swollen veins.

2. The use of natural supplements to aid the digestive process will help improve a sluggish metabolism. In turn, this will help reduce, if not completely prevent, constipation. Hemorrhoids in pregnancy will be much less likely to bother you if you have a happy stomach.

3. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic area also aids in reducing hemorrhoids in pregnancy. This will help increase blood flow in this region and keep veins more elastic. Also, these exercises will help during the birth process, and minimize excess pressure.

4. Sleep or rest on your left side - this will help alleviate pressure on the inferior vena cava, and increase blood circulation from the lower body. This small adjustment can make a big difference for those suffering hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

5. Avoid constipation and straining - get plenty of fluids and fiber and some suitable exercise - walking is great. Straining on the toilet needs to be avoided as much as possible. Sitting on the toilet for longer than necessary can also cause extra pressure on the rectal veins, so avoid this if you want to help reduce the risk of hemorrhoids in pregnancy.

6. Avoid sitting for long periods of time - this can cause congestion in the rectal veins. Try to walk if only for a few minutes every hour or so.

One of the questions I am most commonly asked by women suffering from hemorrhoids in pregnancy is: Will my hemorrhoids go away after the birth?

My answer is always the same: Of course, it depends on the individual, but the more you do before, during and then after your pregnancy to minimize weakening of the veins, the better your chance of those veins returning to their normal size.

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy are not inevitable - it is not necessary to suffer with them as though they are just a normal part of having a baby.

Neither is it necessary to suffer with hemorrhoids in pregnancy because you are concerned about the side-effects of drugs. The many natural treatments that are available have been the subject of many well-conducted clinical trials, producing highly effective results.

Pregnancy and the birth of your new child should be an enjoyable time of your life. Hemorrhoids can be particularly painful - don't allow them to intrude on your happiness when there are effective options easily available.

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It is an unpleasant topic to talk about; it is even an embarrassing experience to discuss it with your doctor. However it is a common health problem in well-developed countries.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a group of veins in the area of the anus. When hemorrhoids are grown in the area of the anus, the area is itchy, if a person is constipated and straining to pass stools; the area is bleeding, painful and easily infectious. Hemorrhoids have external and internal types. They can't be seen therefore they are always neglected and not treated properly and on time, then they develop and become even worse. If a person suffers chronic hemorrhoids, it is an extremely painful and irritating experience because hemorrhoids can't be treated completely unless the person changes his life habits totally, such as diet habits, sleeping habits and less pressure.

How do hemorrhoids grow?

Hemorrhoids are mainly caused by straining to a bowel movement. If a person is constipated, he/she has difficulty in forcing stools out of the body, the straining makes anus bleeding and infectious, gradually the area grows hemorrhoids. So if a person has the digestive health problem, he/she is unable to have a regular bowel movement due to life pressure, life style change or a poor diet, it is very possible for him/her to suffer hemorrhoids, such as women in pregnancy, the pressure on uterus leads to hemorrhoids growing; Food deficiency in fibre is another reason for people growing hemorrhoids. Lack of fibre consumption makes the bowel movement very slow and hard, and the anus is inflamed caused by constipation resulting in hemorrhoids. The other cause is blamed on obesity; the overweight body doesn't have sufficient strength to generate forces to eliminate the waste through the intestine.

How do you know if you have hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids have external and internal existences. Because they can't be seen, most of the time they are neglected until some symptoms appear.

For internal hemorrhoids, nothing grows in the area of anus, until a bowel movement occurs, the toilet paper or toilet bowl has blood signs, and the person will realize something is wrong with his /her digestion system.

For external hemorrhoids, the skin around the anus is swollen and protruded and during a bowel movement, the infected area has a lump of blood coupled with itching and irritation.

When the person suffers external hemorrhoids, don't rub the area because this only causes another bout of hemorrhoids to grow and it delays recovery of the infected area. Leave them alone and apply some medicine to avoid serious infection.

How to prevent hemorrhoids from growing?

As we know, hemorrhoids are the result of constipation. How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast? Your life style must be changed.

A well-balanced diet

Eat vegetables and fruits rich in fibre

Eat less red meat, such as beef, lamb and pork. Those foods contain protein and fat and are hard to be digested and cause our body to be inflamed resulting in constipation.

Eat less processed foods such as pizza and lasagnes.

Drink more water to avoid dehydration

Have a regular sleeping routine

Overall, a healthy life style reduces the likelihood of hemorrhoids growing and developing. In the meantime, a regular bowel movement will reduce the chance of hemorrhoids as well. Once a well-balanced life style is in place, hemorrhoids will disappear eventually.

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For most unattached men, "single" brings a double, or should that be duel, feeling. Being single is synonymous with opportunity, however on the other side, not very many men anticipate a lifetime burned through alone. Fortunately, there are numerous goals for a solitary excursion where a person can handle this problem all alone terms, in due time, yet constantly after a hot involvement in heaven. Here are five places that are hand crafted for a singles occasion.

Medellin, Colombia:

Made for: Adventure-searchers, and sentimental people

The draw: Endless wildernesses, and enticement as a culture

The territory encompassing this old city is a standout amongst the most various in Colombia and an extraordinary excursion for singles. It has tall mountain tops, wilderness good countries and marshes, profound crevasses and gorge, and incredibly entrancing cultivating zones. Each kind of territory offers the open door for outrageous guided journeys. Spots like the Abbura Valley are unmatched on the planet for regular shading. Temesis offers perseverance climbs and cascade rappelling just minutes from the city. Obviously, there are a great many private spots like Los Katios National Park, where the wilderness meets a perfectly clear pool, maybe with a give in or hot spring. This is the perfect spot for a solitary person to engage a flawless neighborhood young lady, or individual voyager in a fantasy like setting.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Made for: Fit men who can move and who desire commotion

The draw: 24 hour mingling and gatherings

Gathering Mecca for single men is Carnival, and Rio is its command post. Practically throughout the entire year, individuals in this city toss back the shades for tourists. This is particularly valid for single folks who are amazingly OK with deserting their self-hatred the minute the progression off the plane. Festa (Portuguese for devour/festivity), is imbued in Brazilian culture. In the old world, all streets prompted Rome. In Rio, all streets lead to the shoreline, or a world class dance club. There are the works of art like Ipanema and the Copacabana, however different scenes are getting to be prevalent, particularly on the off chance that you have a most loved shoreline action. Praia Vermelha is a surf center, and Praia da Barra da Tijuca is popular for engine sports and parasailing. In the wake of taking a shot at the tan,go for moving, beverages, and goods watching at clubs like Leviano with its gigantic mosh pit, and Casa Rosa for laser-lit, tense connection. Rio likely could be the ideal place for singles to occasion.

Bangkok, Thailand

Made for: Urban-situated, tryst addicts

The draw: Food, grown-up excitement, and more nourishment

Men from everywhere throughout the world observe Bangkok to be an intriguing report in contrary energies. There's no contention that grown-up diversion in all structures is a noteworthy draw, however nearby laws and traditions must be regarded consistently. It's completely conceivable to discover any sort of amusement that you need, however it must be appreciated on the way of life's terms. Bangkok resembles a solitary voyager's dream amusement park, however unquestionably... ahem, satisfies its name. The general population of Bangkok are colorful animals in commonplace westernized, U.S. what's more, Euro-style bundles. They are exceptionally obliging to the desires for single male tourists, and have the intriguing money conversion standard to boot. Eateries like Xing Fu fulfill a person's stomach. Wellness and open air rec centers enable a person to hold his muscle tone while far from home. Elephant riding in the Khoa Yi National Park gives chances to selfies to make companions desirous. Grown-up clubs, parlors and inn attendant like will absolutely where out a solitary person's eyes (if not his whole body). As a solitary person grapples with the thought of settling-down throughout everyday life, he can get the "ferocity" out in this enormous lone ranger gathering of a goal.

Ibiza, Spain

Made for: History-sweethearts, mermen

The draw: Genuine local people, The Mediterranean

Ibiza is an island escape saturated with old world culture including religion, game, and food. The most profound blue possible originates from an interface with the Mediterranean Sea, and the most profound dark colored is found in the eyes, hair and skin of a portion of Europe's most appealing ladies making it the fantasy occasion for singles. A system of welcoming towns each have town focuses rising up out of a catholic house of prayer like the Capilla de la Virgen de Lourdes, or a school or religious community. To the extent social exercises, anything having to do with playing on the sand or in the water is accessible. This territory is family cordial, so singles fun remains very personal and calm. Single men should have a go at offering a forlorn nearby young lady a glass of wine pursued by a discussion on craftsmanship, and an oar board session a while later.

Cancun, Mexico

Made for: Penny-pinchers, shoreline bums

The draw: Oceanside entertainment, tequila, tans

This hotel city is clearly famous with the school Spring Break swarm for reasons that additionally offer to any single man. Each supper plate, open transport, cabana, angling contract, shoreline seat rental, and container of Jose Cuervo is moderate. This implies single folks in each phase of life can figure out how to have a ton of fun. Put in a couple of days climbing in the Yucatan inland outdoors close to the Chichen Itza Pyramid, at that point join a shoreline rave with some new Mexican companions for whatever is left of the excursion.

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If you're suffering from hemorrhoids, (also known as piles) you may be desperate to get rid of them and are prepared to try some or all hemorrhoids home remedies.

Suffering from a hemorrhoid condition can be very painful and distressing. You may think that you're all alone, but you're not. At least 40 percent of the adult population will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in their life. And like you, they want to get rid of hemorrhoids for good, too.

So does a natural treatment for piles actually work? Well, first you have to decide which of the hemorrhoids homeopathic cures to try first.

For instance, drinking green tea daily is regarded as a hemorrhoids homeopathic remedy. However, green tea can be an acquired taste and you mightn't like drinking it at first.

Similarly, drinking chamomile tea is also regarded as a natural treatment for piles.

If you decide this would suit you, I wouldn't recommend drinking both, but choose either green or chamomile tea and drink one cup daily. It's also important to note that chamomile tea can be used as a relaxant or mild sedative, so the best time to drink it may be at bedtime.

Cutting out alcohol and coffee can also be one of the hemorrhoids home remedies. You could try drinking chamomile or green tea instead of a cup of coffee. However, don't expect instant results. It may take two to three weeks or even longer for this hemorrhoids homeopathic treatment to take effect.

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