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Do you know composite floor 


Laminate flooring: also known as the composite floor, is the use of medium-density wood-based panels or high-density wood-based panels after molding, laminating, cutting edge, cutting interface and other processes made of floor decoration materials. disposal of composite decking Laminate flooring are generally composed of four composite materials: the bottom, the substrate layer, decorative layer and wear-resistant layer. One wear-resistant layer of the number of revolutions determine the life of the composite floor. It is characterized by durable, anti-UV, scratch-resistant anti-burning characteristics. Relatively speaking, sex is relatively high, the market is also the largest amount. Its advantages: color variety, wear-resistant, beautiful, good stability. Pavement is easy, without polishing, painting, waxing, easy maintenance, cheap. poultry flooring in philippines latest After special treatment, laminate flooring is easy to clean, dirty water is not easy to penetrate the inner layer, with a simple mop cleaning will become very clean. Disadvantages: Feeling somewhat less solid wood, water or long-term exposure can produce anti-Alice deformation phenomenon. Blisters can not be repaired after damage. Laminate flooring in the production process, the use of adhesives, there will be a certain amount of formaldehyde, formaldehyde, if excessive, is likely to endanger the health of people. 4 inch white oak hardwood flooring Therefore, the choice of strengthening the floor do not blindly pursue the cheaper, we must choose some well-known brand of laminate flooring, because these large manufacturers in the technical and formaldehyde control have more advantages, the basic can reach the national environmental standards. The non-brand-name laminate flooring is often not compliance in some processes that formaldehyde content exceeded, long-term use of human damage.

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