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David Underwood


The Bible is popularly seen as a collection of stories by various authors with no particular logic behind the words. This is far from the truth. Grasping the fact that the Bible as a whole was authored by the Spirit of Christ through holy men (made holy by their relationship with Jehovah), it permits the reader to come to the conclusion that there is a definite logic behind the structure of the books, and even the structure of the words. Like mathematics, coherent logic can be applied, and, in fact, where the reader does not grasp the logic, gross misunderstanding is assured. What does this mean? In Jehovah's righteous eyes, everything is created good, including the Written Word. In the grand scheme of things, Jehovah has entrusted some holy men with the oracles, though this does not preclude the subsequent misrepresentation, the mistranslations and the blatant obfuscation that the followers of Lucifer have attempted of the Scriptures. A clear magnifying glass reveals the truth in all its glory, but a murky glass gives glimpses of the truth but veils important details. And so it is with man (the human soul). A sold out (to Christ) soul is clear and will reveal great detail, but an ambivalent, ignorant or even decidedly vile spirit will not show detail (at best) or obfuscate (at worst) the truth of the Scripture. The reader is advised to come in reverence before the Spirit of Christ to let their magnifying glass be cleaned and empowered, all this only possible due to the death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). As we delve into the intricacies of parsing knowledge and logic, let us not be encumbered by past habits, sin or previous misrepresentations. Be especially wary of 'learned' teachers who have minimal spiritual enlightenment by the Holy Scripture, depending only on their head knowledge to unlock the 'magic' of Scripture.  


The Math  

1+1=2. This is, and always was, true in the universe we live in. Mathematics is inherently factual (until we delve into theoretical mathematics) though the concept of mathematics is not natural, but has to be taught. There are long forgotten tribes in the Amazonian forest who do not possess the culture of mathematics, unable to count past 6. They thus also do not have the ability to recollect many things in detail, locked into this ignorant (to us who know mathematics, not to them) way of life. Though simple, they will not be able to live beyond a certain understanding of the universe, making them susceptible to misrepresentation by others. Using this analogy, at face value, the human mind is taught through life that the truths in the Bible are not real. When, like mathematics, the reader assumes standard logic, then the truths become clear.


The Language Barrier  

The King James Version Bible was a translation from the Textus Receptus, a collection of accepted Greek manuscripts which included the Septuagint (or LXX, the Old Testament in Greek). As such scholars versed in the traditional Greek written language have an advantage in terms of the translation or interpretation of the Textus Receptus. Note that there is evidence that the book of Matthew was originally written in Hebrew.

Old English was an accumulation and fusion of the languages from Germanic, Norse, French and original Britannic dialects, very much derived in lockstep with the tribes that assumed power within Britain. Owing to the assimilation of words from many other languages throughout history, modern English contains a very large vocabulary, with complex and irregular spelling, particularly of vowels. Modern English has not only assimilated words from other European languages, but from all over the world. The letter J was originally pronounced 'i', as in Hallelujah, which explains why Jesus' name was pronounced as such from the Greek Iesous. The Greek language itself was more sophisticated (and more scientifically detailed) than the English language, which posed a slight problem when it came to the King James Version Bible. This author believes that the scholars were blameless in their attempts at translations and subsequent conceptual misunderstandings, rather the onus is on the modern Bible reader to study Scriptural context with a good Greek language reference eg, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. Unsurprisingly, knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic would also be useful, but more difficult to attain.


Historical Validity


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it - Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás, aka George Santayana


As an extrapolation of this famous saying, if history is obfuscated by the architects of power to benefit themselves, the seething masses would be repeatedly enslaved by these same architects. The same could be said of Lucifer, the chief architect of untruth, and the leader (acknowledged or not) of these selfish architects of power. To date, the usual attack on the validity of Scripture has almost always been its historical validity. This compounded by the fact that the copy process for the original writings were actively altered to bring about mistruths, to more reflect the beliefs and thoughts of the copiers, hence the large number of slightly different manuscripts post death of Christ. The other attack point is of the very physical proof of the history written within the Bible eg. did the Hebrew slaves travel through the wilderness as described?


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Prescribed Method Of Scriptural Interpretation

As described within rabbinical schools of Judaism, Scripture must be interpreted within the following framework:

1) Language

2) Context

                   - Textual Context

                   - Historical Context

                   - Cultural Context


Example of Scripture Interpretation  

The following web article gives a very good example of the way the reader should read, analyse and decipher Scripture. This is dependant on the reader acquiring conceptual and historical knowledge to 'understand' what the Scriptures mean, to its fullest.  


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