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Bobby Parnell To Have Tommy John Surgery - RealGM Wiretap

Mets closer Bobby Parnell has decided to proceed with Tommy John surgery and will miss the remainder of the 2014 season leBron 13 opening night pas cher , according to an ESPN report on Sunday.


Team doctor David Atlchek is scheduled to perform the procedure Tuesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan

Lester Leaves No Hitter With Muscle Strain - RealGM Wiretap Red Sox left-hander Jon Lester left Tuesday night's game against the Blue Jays with a no-hitter through four innings. Lester suffered a lower lat muscle strain and will be re-evaluated on Wednesday. According to a team source, this type of injury could sideline a pitcher for 2-4 weeks. "It was sore. It hurt," Lester said. "I would never take myself out of the game if it wasn't for something significant. We'll get it looked at tomorrow and see how I feel. Hopefully we've got the All-Star break worked in and hopefully we don't have to do anything drastic around here." Lester, who is 10-4 with a 3.31 ERA this season, explained that he didn't suffer the injury on one particular pitch. He felt the discomfort during the entire fourth inning. 锘? Recently, I was charged with the task with editing and authoring a DVD. I recently upgraded my setup to Ubuntu Intrepid (64 bit). Supposedly, there would be at least modest speed gains when it came to encoding various video formats. So, I started off on my task leBron 13 on court pas cher , albeit with a new set of tools. Let s start of with an inventory of resources, and then go through the actual process for making a DVD. For capture, I used the most standard, stable solution: Kino. There is one issue when capturing video over Firewire(IEEE 1394) in Kino: It has to be run as su. Open up a terminal, type sudo kino , enter your password, and you will have no troubles. If you are editing in another program, I recommend capturing your video as a single file. To do so leBron 13 all star pas cher , you will have to turn off auto split . This automatically determines when the camera cuts off, and then chops up the video into separate DV files. For an hour of footage, this will often be 70 100 individual clips to keep up with. To keep this from happening, go to Edit > Preferences (shortcut CTRL + P) under the Kino main menu, click the Capture tab, and uncheck Auto Split Files . This will make the video much more manageable. Normally, my editingencoding setup consists of a Cinelerra installation(the best configurations are those contained in the Akirad repositories). I used it for editing, titling and most of my FX work. It has worked flawlessly for me leBron 13 25K pas cher , however, it has a few hangups. The interface is really rough, and the learning curve is high. Keyframes and motion paths are a pain to work with. It s rendering is incredible, and it has no issues with font aliasing after rendering. It was the only program I could get to work on a consistent basis with Linux. That all changed with the release of Kdenlive 0.7.2. Earlier versions of Kdenlive were buggy, unpolished, and crash prone. If you saved your work every 15 seconds, it still wouldn t be enough. The new version is incredible. Not only have stability issues been taken care of, but they have added some incredible realtime FX leBron 13 written in the stars pas cher , a stellar editing experience, and given the user interface a much needed overhaul. The editing experience is closer to mainstream programs like iMovie and Final Cut Pro. There is only one drawback, at least on my version of Kdenlive: Font aliasing in titles. While it handles the the video editing like a pro, the rendering of titles(at least in 0.7.2) is a disappointment, giving you jagged, unreadable lettering as rendered product. Because of this issue, I was forced to do titling in Cinelerra. After I finished editing my files, I rendered it as a RAW DV file. While this was quite large leBron 12 nsrl pas cher , it also gave me an excellent starting point for putting the titles on DVD. I had two options for this process, but one was vastly better than the other. In reading the Linux forums, their were two options that gained my trust: tovid gui and devede. The main differences between them is stability, and what can be done with the DVD after you finish encoding it. ToVid s GUI allows you to specify background and play buttons, along with a menu tree. The output is rather crude, and the options are limited. The main drawback was an inability to customize encoding quality. Even with the script settings being locked down, it still had a hard time rendering properly. Of the 3 times I tried to use it, only 2 resulted in a successful encoding. It also adds the burning process as one of the features . I was routinely met with botched burns and buffer underruns. Don t use ToVid s GUI unless you absolutely have to. DeVeDe offers you a better user experience. Previews of your menu title are available. You can do a 60 second render to make sure your video and audio will not suffer if quality is adjusted. Yes leBron 12 instinct pas cher , it actually allows you to adjust the quality of the render, and gives you an estimate of disk space that will be taken up after conversion to MPEG 2. If you want something like a looping video clip and music for your disc menu, it offers access to this as well, without causing you substantial mental anguish. For me, the best parts are the many rendering options. DeVeDe allows you to render just the disc structure, the mpeg files, or combine them into a disc ISO. You can even flag the rendering process to take advantage of optimization for multi core processors. They don t try to integrate burning into their options, as there are many fine programs that have designed to do exactly that. This shows the wisdom of the development team. Once the ISO is ready leBron 12 heart of a lion pas cher , you just have to select the burning program that you would like to use. One cautionary issue with DeVeDe: It defaults to PAL(European 25 FPS format). North American users will need to set the encode format to NTSC under the video and main menus before encoding takes plac.

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