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The Truth About The Bible - Introduction from David Underwood's blog


The Bible is the most printed book in the world, by a long shot. According to statistics brain, online, there have been over 6 billion bibles printed up to 2013. And it is the most translated book in the world, estimated at 6,900 and counting. So it is absolute foolishness to dismiss its authenticity and its authorship by the Spirit of God. No human or carnal organization could reach these levels of statistical awesomeness on their own.  



(As revealed to this author circa December 2014)

In the Old Testament, all knowledge and wisdom in the universe was available as layers upon layers of knowledge, requiring great study and a subservience to the 'Teacher' (the Holy Spirit of Christ) to perceive revelation. These layers may be blatantly obvious, occasionally allegorical or prosaic and sometimes, even encoded (encrypted).


The Bible, taken as a whole, is a journey through life for each individual, as well as the Church (believers in Christ).

It talks about the beginning (Genesis), the end (escathology eg Daniel), the focus (Yeshua, the prophecies about Him) and the workings of the spiritual dimension, portrayed as the physical in the Old Testament, and the spiritual in the New Testament. If you consider that education was meted out in a class (as an analogy of what happens in the physical universe) then the Church was being, and is being taught exactly what was and is happening in 'reality' where the real 'real' is actually the spiritual dimension.  


1) First the 'Church' was birthed through Adam and Eve

2) was weaned during the time of the Torah

3) Jehovah then taught the 'terrible teen' adolescent Church (the Hebrew people in their apostasy and exile)

4) was matured during the life of Christ (the Apostolic Gospels)

5) blossomed in the Apostolic book of Acts

6) plans for marriage were made in the Epistles

7) the Banns of marriage will come to pass in Revelation




Jeremiah 1 King James Version (KJV)    

12 Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten (shaqad: watch) my word to perform it.  


"A through knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education" - Theodore Roosevelt  

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So how do we approach Scripture in a way that promotes real life change? Weblink

  • READ with an open, focused mind and a surrendered heart. Ask God to help you understand the context (big picture) of what you’re reading and the author’s original intentions.
  • REFLECT on what you’re reading. Pause to reread portions of it and let it soak in. If something really speaks to your heart highlight it or make a note. If something raises a question jot it down to explore later.
  • RESPOND to what you’ve read. Is there an action to take or an attitude to adjust? Is there a sin to confess or a praise to offer God? Prayerfully invite the Holy Spirit to continue speaking to you from what you’ve read.
  • Use a small notebook to record your daily readingreflecting and responding. This is a great way to review your journey with God through Scripture and can be an encouragement when times get tough.

Meaning of Exegesis  


The branch of theology that specializes in interpretation, or exegesis, of Biblical literature. Historically, exegetes have recognized four levels of meaning in the Bible:  


- the historical or literal, 

- the allegorical,

- the moral, and the

- anagogical or mystical, putting emphasis on the necessity of a foundation for the latter three in the literal sense. — exegete, n.


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